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I bet the topic needs no introduction. Ever since Kat von D posted a picture on Instagram, claiming that she would raise her child without vaccination, it has been all over the internet.

And I am kind of glad it is. Not because someone with a huge following and influence spoke out against vaccines. That is harmful to the cause and has in the past proven to lead to a decrease in vaccination.


Vaccination certificates – these are mine


But because vaccination is a hot topic once again, with other influential people speaking up about their experiences (Caroline Hirons, just to name one).

See, transmittable diseases and vaccination are part of my daytime job. I have been on the radio numerous times, I am going to speak on a panel on this topic come Monday and if the time for talking is done, I am one of the squad that visits your school/kindergarten/whatever to see if the outbreak of measles happening there puts your child in danger and if quarantine is needed.



Before that I worked on ICU. I have seen people almost die from a preventable disease, from a disease they could have been vaccinated against.

Or, even worse, from a disease that they could NOT be vaccinated against, because their condition didn´t allow vaccination and that was spread by people that actively choose not to vaccinate their healthy children.

And that is what kind of triggered that post: Vaccination is not a personal decision. It does not only affect you and your child. It affects the whole society and puts those in danger that don´t have a choice.

The newborn baby still too young to get his first shot.

The child born with a deficiency of the immune system.

The child too sick to get its vaccinations on time.

You are risking the life of these people. Just like you risk other peoples life by drunk driving. That is not a personal decision either. It is a crime.

I acknowledge the fact that every parent makes their decision based on what they feel is best for their child, and I believe that the decision to not vaccinate your child is a decision you make out of love.

But out of these reason, first and foremost because I love my children more than I ever thought possible, because the thought of having them harmed in any way is unbearable, I had them vaccinated. As soon as possible.

I tell them to wear a helmet when they ride their bikes.

I put the knives in a place where they can´t reach them.

I protect them from transmittable diseases by having them vaccinated.

Easy as that.


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