We get the glow – Looking back at week four

Something I realize now that the challenge is on the home stretch: I am an impatient person. The closer the end is, the more I want to be done with it.

Actually this realization isn´t that new, and may be contributing to the fact that I sometimes quit right before a task is 100% accomplished, simply because I can´t be bothered to spend any more time on it.


We get the glow


I was relieved to learn in one of my management courses that there is a name for this behavior and that it is, actually, a desirable feature.

How come, you ask? Please let me explain: When taking blog pictures, how often is the first one you take the only one? How often do you look at the screen and tell yourself: Yes, that one will do just fine?

The answer is probably: Not often.


And we all know how it goes from there. You rearrange the lighting. You switch out the probs. You change the angle. You get up on a chair. The list is endless and you are usually left with about 40 pictures you the need to sort through.

Now, and that is the interesting part, more often than not the pictures you took don´t look too different. At least not after the first 5 trial shots. Because when doing anything, the last 20% until “perfection” take up more than two thirds of your time. So if you settle for 80%, the difference is barely noticeable, but the time you are saving will be.

The Pareto principle.

Blog pictures may not be the best example, as in my case even picture number 200 is far from perfection, but I guess you get my meaning.


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How on earth is this topic related to the Get the glow challenge todays video covers, you might ask? Simple: We only have two more weeks left, which means 66% of the challenge are done. In fact, simply because I did not want to gamble and risk having to edit and upload overnight, we are one week ahead of you. Five weeks done already when this blogpost goes live. 83%. And my urge to be done with it is immense.

For you though, dear friends, I will see it through until the end. Six weeks, no cheating, and to challenge myself a little the last video edited and uploaded overnight. So stay tuned for the next episode of “We get the Glow” (based on Get the glow by Madeleine Shaw) coming to you next Sunday, final thoughts and picture comparison included!



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