We get the glow – The introduction

Remember when I announced I was starting a series on You Tube with one of my favorite persons?

Well, today is the day. And the person I refer to is … drumroll… my mom.


We get the glow


The reason she agreed to join me in front of the camera is a six weeks program we are going to start. The six weeks “Get the glow” plan from Madeleine Shaws book.


I asked for the book Christmas 2015, but that was at the height of my second pregnancy and eating healthy just wasn´t in the cards. And afterwards, well, I had a lot of other things on my mind, like moving and taking care of a newborn.


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To be completely honest, the thought of cooking did also put me off. I really don’t like cooking that much, and with two kids I more often than not opted for a healthy meal for my daughter and some fast food for me after both were tucked away in bed.

But once the move was over and my son a little less time consuming, I figured it was time to tackle some unhealthy habits of mine (come on, we all have them). A quick chat with my mom later, she agreed to join me in the program.

Which is a total win, because she does the cooking! And because she is awesome and supportive and brave enough to face the camera.

So if you are curious what the program is all about, you can of course get the book yourself (click here) or you can just watch the video above and listen to us explaining what the first week will bring, what we think we will struggle with the most and, in the weeks to come, how well we fared.

Please cheer us along, as I, I admit, already struggle with not reaching for my Coke Zero by the time I am writing this. Four days done, only 38 more. I better glow like a lightbulb after finishing that!


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