We get the glow – Looking back at week two

First of all: I am never going to do a series like this on You Tube again.

Like never. Ever.


We get the glow


If it weren´t for you guys, I would most likely be sitting on my sofa right now, Diet Coke in hand and happily munching on some sweets.


But I decided to go public, so I am sitting here drinking water (no gas!) and just had an orange to satisfy my sweet cravings. And tomorrow I will step in front of a mirror and try to tell myself that the sleepy, grumpy face that greets me is actually a beautiful and kind creature, worthy of love and affection.

I can assure you, Mr Loca has a good laugh at me, which is probably one thing I could add to my list of positive treats: Makes husband laugh until he cries.

Now if you have no clue what I am talking about, it is all explained in the video. Or in the book I am referring to, “Get the glow” by Madeleine Shaw.

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This video is actually quite a movie in itself, A short film, but full of everything you need: Temptation, failure, confession, remorse and declared love. You wouldn´t have expected that, would you?

But I digress. If it weren´t for you and for the knowledge that I have to step in front of the camera and tell you if I succeeded, I would probably have quit already. So thank you for keeping me accountable, be it with your comments here and on You Tube or with your witty remarks on Twitter. It really helps a lot.

And now that the headaches are gone, I am actually feeling quite good. It is still too early to tell about significant changes to my skin and energy levels, but I am no longer convinced that this is going to be one big waste of time.

Two weeks done, four more to go!

Oh, and if you missed the introduction or week one, just click the links!

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