We get the glow: Week one – The Recap

We are way into week two already as I write this, but I won’t give anything away. This is about week one, and as much as I want to tell you all about my struggles, I will exercise self-control and stay true to the timeline.


We get the Glow – Week One Recap


This is about week one, and let me tell you, it was a hard week. At least for me. My mother wasn’t affected much. She has always been the one with the healthier eating habits.

But for me, everything Madeleine wrote about the withdrawal symptoms you could experience came true. Everything. Not that this should have surprised me, I knew I had fallen into some really bad eating habits when it came to snacking, but still. Feeling it is a whole new level of knowledge, I assure you.


Now do we glow already? Just like with skincare I am not able to tell just yet. There are hormonal changes, changes in my or my kids sleeping pattern, changes in the weather, you name it. The only way to see if that program is actually beneficial to my skin and energy levels is to see it through.

Without cheating.

For six weeks.

Now it may be surprising to hear from someone that does Intermittent Fasting without difficulties, but I am not good at following dietary rules. If I know I can´t have something, I crave it even more. Which is the problem with many a diet I have done, and believe me, I did my fair share of diets until I reached the age of 25 and finally knew better.

And I am not talking sweets here. Those weren’t actually that hard, as she offers a lot of delicious alternatives in her book (the breakfast granola is perfect for munching along, just saying). I am talking diet coke. Because there is no real substitute for that one.

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But enough of the rambling, it is all in the video, and besides me complaining this is supposed to be a lifestyle change, not a diet. So off we go, starting the next week. See you on Sunday!


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