What´s in my hospital bag – the second time around

Now I am aware that it is time for my “Favorite Face of…” series aka my monthly makeup favorites, but with a newborn around, the war paint I am going to wear (if any) will neither be interesting nor adventurous, so I decided to film a “What´s in my hospital bag” video for you instead.

Take a trolley. You really don't want to carry anything when in labor!
Take a trolley. You really don’t want to carry anything when in labor!


It is a long one, so if baby stuff isn’t your thing, you are probably better off just not watching it, and if you are pressed for time, there will be a list of the things I deemed necessary right at the bottom of this blog post.

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But for everyone looking for some tips on what to bring: Grab a cup of tea and enjoy!


List of what I packed

  • Comfy clothing: Nothing restricting, but something you can walk around in
  • Breast feeding friendly clothes: You really need to have easy access, especially in the beginning
  • Basic, comfortable underwear: Basically anything you would never wear for date night will do
  • Warm socks
  • Thongs/ flip-flops: For hospital showers
  • Basic body care: Toothbrush, deodorant,…
  • Skincare: Depending on your preference, but I recommend taking at least a cleanser, a face mist and lip balm
  • Makeup: If you want to wear some. I certainly do.
  • Snacks: For you and anyone possibly accompanying you
  • Baby clothes: Check if your hospital provides some for the stay there, and bring at least two sizes for bodies/onesies
  • Books/chargers/electronics: Depending on personal preference. I didn’t use any of them much the first time.

List of what your hospital may provide

  • Newborn diapers /wipes
  • Nipple Cream
  • Nursing Pads
  • Maxi Pads

You will need to have all of that at least at home, even if your hospital provides them. No one wants to go shopping when being released.

Of course any paperwork you might have been given as well as necessary personal medication should be packed.


Fellow mothers out there: Anything you feel I should have included?

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