Where Linda Libra Loca comes from | Or: What “Doctor Anne” used to be!

This is my very first blog post, written in 2014. I left it up to remember how everything started and what we have come to in these many years together, and I hope you read it with a smile and a lot of forgiveness when it comes to editing and picture quality.
The explanation of “Linda, Libra, Loca” is a reference to what the blog was originally called, before I rebranded as “Doctor Anne” in 2018.
Before I start reviewing products, raving about colors or sharing my seemingly never-ending hair problems, I thought it would help to tell you the challenges I face every day.
And by challenges I mean petty problems, magnified by my bathroom mirror.
Obvious things first:
Being a german woman, I am fair skinned and blonde (spending hours at my hairdresser to keep it this way), with a lot of very fine hair, stubbornly refusing to hold a curl or even a little teeny-tiny wave.
As I suffered from acne all through my teens, I am left with hyperpigmentation and blemish-prone skin. Now, aged 35 (beauty blog granny!), I am also facing not so
fine lines and other signs of passing time. To call it early signs of aging would be understated.
Here is a picture of me, wearing no makeup, to show you what I am talking about:
Putting on a brave smile, facing the web without makeup
And now one wearing my everyday-face:
Looking happier for sure
I am obsessed with make-up, hoarding more than I most likely will be able to use up before the expiration date is met.
Also, I am always on the hunt for an addition to my spa-esk skincare regime, trying to cram yet another mask into my bathroom cabinet.
As the amount of products I use seems to grow with every passing year, there are lots of beauty-related posts to come.
Quite surprising, as this is meant to be a beauty blog…
Also, this is where the Linda in “Linda Libra Loca” comes from.
But there is a life beyond make-up (who would have thought!), and it is a good one.
In February, our little girl was born, turning our life upside down and leaving me going through my concealer stash quicker than I ever thought possible. And with
an addition to the family, there comes yet another way to spend time and tears, laughter and love. And money. Lots of money, if you don’t watch out.
Be prepared for rambling about life as a new mother and the ever burning question: Do I really need this? (If it is a dress, the answer is always yes. Is there
anything cuter than baby girl clothing?)
That is the Loca part, obviously. I’m sure, fellow moms will agree.
Leaves me to explain the Libra.
Before the our daughter was born, my husband (whom I will call Mr. Loca from now on, just because it makes me chuckle) and I used to travel a lot. Going to foreign countries, tasting new food and meeting strange people made me feel alive and free and was a welcome escape from my well-loved but quite stressful job.
With the little one, we had to step back for some time, but we plan to start traveling again early next year, this time as a family. And while I am thrilled to do so,
I am more than a little nervous about our upcoming adventure. When things get serious, I will take you with me through preparation and travel (fingers
But in the meantime, I will keep you entertained with stories of long-gone times. Well, maybe not that long-gone, but sometimes it feels like a lifetime away.
I hope you stick around!
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