Why you don´t have to be a morning person to be successful

Just to get things straight: I AM a morning person.

With a brief exception, a period of time when I had to be woken at 10 am to attend the family breakfast (I believe it is a crucial part of adolescense we all go through), I have always been an early riser.


Morning person
I love watching the sun rise


I am most productive before noon, I prefer to work out in the mornings and if I get lost in procrastination before 10 am chances are that I am not going to get anything done for the whole day.

Which, as a quick browse through my social media feed tells me, should ultimately set me up for success.


The amount of articles telling you to wake up at 5:30 am the latest, to get meditation, gratitude journal, a workout and a green smoothie all in by seven is overwhelming, and it almost feels like that if you are still in bed by nine, you can just stay there as your day is doomed anyway.

Mr. Loca, on the other hand, is very much a night owl. Not that he would start his day with meditation, journaling or a green smoothie anyway (and, spoiler, neither do I), but if he has his way, he gets up at ten, lounges around for a while longer and then suddenly gets into productive beast mode in the afternoon.

And while I really can´t focus on important stuff once the sun has set, he is happily typing away, getting it done while I am already fast asleep.

Unnecessary to mention that he is very successful. And I bet he would be much less productive if he forced himself onto the 5:30 lifestyle.

My point: The external clock doesn´t define you. Your inner clock does. To be successful (whatever that might mean to you), you need to adjust your schedule to it.

Of course we all have boundaries set by work, but most jobs offer some kind of flexibility that allows you to choose when to tackle which task.

I address the most difficult thing on my list first, Mr. Loca doesn´t even look at it until the kids are in bed. We both get it done at the time that is best for us.

It is not the time on the clock that is important when you roll out your yoga mat. It is the fact that it is your perfect time for working out that makes it a success.

And once you get in tune with your rhythm, being productive will become much easier.


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