The Best of skincare TAG – a rare occasion

If I had more time, I would film more videos.

If I would film more videos, I would do more TAGs.

But I don´t have more time, so I don´t film more videos, so I rarely do TAGs.

The “Best of skincare”-TAG though was one I could not miss out on. Because, as I tell you in the video: “Skincare is my jam.”


The Best of Skincare TAG


Now please don´t ask what did possess me to word such a sentence. If you ever needed proof that I do not have a script for the majority of my videos, here it is.

Seriously, does anyone even say that anymore? I have officially become the elderly woman trying to keep up with “cool kid speech”.


Please do bear with me and sit through this embarrassing moment (it is happening at 00:00:29), the rest of the video is well worth watching. If you are into skincare as much as I am, that is, but I am going to assume that.

But without further ado, here is the video. Please do watch on You Tube and in HD, as always, for the best possible experience.


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And if you are planning to do the TAG yourself, here are the questions

  1. What is your skin type?
  2. How do you store your skincare products?
  3. What is your favorite ingredient?
  4. What is your most indulgent product?
  5. What is your best budget buy?
  6. Do you use any tools?
  7. What are the best masks?
  8. What is the best multi-use product?
  9. What is your favorite brand?
  10. What is the best spot treatment?
  11. What is your favorite step in your skincare routine?
  12. What is on your skincare wish list?


Links to everything I mentioned

Video: “Retinol – Everything you need to know
Zelens Power D Treatment Drops
M. Asam Pure Vitamins Retinol Youth Concentrate (Review)
MV Organic 9 Oil Cleansing Tonic (Review)
Omorovicza Deep Cleansing Mask (Review)


And of course I did tag someone: Shireen from Reflection of Sanity, Dagmara from Mummy´s Beauty Corner and Siobhán from Beautylymin. All of which have a passion for skincare, different skin types and blogs I wholeheartedly recommend you read.

If you plan on doing the TAG as well, please do leave me your link so I can go watch it. Because, you know, it is my jam.

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