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I´m Anne, a 40 year old doctor based in beautiful Heidelberg, Germany, where I share my life with my husband, two children and about 150 red lipsticks.

My skincare journey started early when I developed acne at the age of 13, trying different treatments at the dermatologist office until going on the pill cleared it all up.

What followed were the years of carelessness, featuring reckless sunbathing, too dark foundation and yes, overplucked brows and dark, unblended lip liner. It were the 90s after all!

In my mid-twenties the acne came back, along with hyperpigmentation and fine lines, so I knew a good skin care routine was needed. But what did good mean? And what actually belonged into a routine anyway?

It took me years to figure that out, but I slowly accepted that good skin is build upon a foundation of nutrition, exercise and stress management (all of which I am still working on!), and that more isn´t always more in terms of products.

Quite on the contrary, I believe now that understanding the science behind different skincare steps and a routine build on only the actives your skin really needs will get you further than spending a ton of money. A skincare routine can be expensive, but it doesn´t have to be.

If I am not researching the newest ingredient trend or slather myself in countless lotions to come up with helpful reviews, I am most likely spending time with the kids or trying to catch up on sleep.

Once in a blue moon though you might find me dressed up attending a Live Action Role Play, which I will make sure to share on Instagram Stories (follow me here).

Should you be more interested in my thoughts on political topics like feminism (proud feminist!) or vaccination (go vaccinate your kids people!), Twitter is the place to find my rants about that.

Oh, and if you are interested in toxin-free beauty and DIY skincare recipes, you have come to the wrong place. To quote fellow blogger Lab Muffin, I am proudly “Powered by chemicals”!

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