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I don´t need more lipsticks. I DON´T need more lipsticks. I don´t need MORE lipsticks. I don´t need… Oh shut up.

Ladies and gentlemen (are there any here?) let me present you with the latest six (ha!) additions to my lipstick stash!

To be fair, I didn´t purchase them myself. They were sent to me, carefully wrapped, in the lovely pixi-green box that brightens my day whenever it appears on my doorstep. Is this an excuse?



pixi MatteLustre & Shea Butter
pixi MatteLustre & Shea Butter


I could have given them away, untouched, to a loyal reader.

I could have donated them to a charitable organization.

But, as I said to myself, I have an obligation. An obligation to present you, fellow lipstick lovers, with first hand experience and swatches.

Can you see I am an expert at finding excuses?

So let´s see how the pixi MatteLustre lipsticks * and the pixi Shea Butter Lip Balms * perform!


pixi MatteLustre & Shea Butter
pixi MatteLustre lipsticks


Pixi MatteLustre lipsticks * (12 $ each, available here)

“Full-coverage, adjustable-finish lipstick for long lasting, vivid lip colour with a plumping effect.”

Available in eleven different shades, out of which I own three: Plum Berry (more berry than plum on my lips and pretty dark), Bitten Rose (leans quite fuchsia on my lips) and Rose Naturelle (a pinkish brown).

pixi MatteLustre & Shea Butter
pixi MatteLustre lipstick in Plum Berry


pixi MatteLustre & Shea Butter
pixi MatteLustre Lip Stick in Bitten Rose


pixi MatteLustre & Shea Butter
pixi MatteLustre Lip Stick in Rose Naturelle


All three are comfortable to wear, but despite the added hyaluronic acid not hydrating. They last very well, at least four hours with drinking and snacking and fade leaving a stain. The plumping effect is, much to my relief, not as in tingling and irritating, but more of an overtime effect by the added peptides and vitamin E. You will probably need consistent application to get these benefits though, something I don´t see myself doing, given I own more lipsticks than I can count. Upon application you notice a sweet, vanilla-like smell that doesn´t linger.

The finish is demi-matte and can be mattifyed even more by blotting them down with your finger.


A must? No, but nice to have.


pixi MatteLustre & Shea Butter
pixi Shea Butter Lip Balm


Pixi Shea Butter Lip Balm * (8$ each, available here)

“Treat lips while giving them gorgeous colour with this multi-tasking miracle lip balm!”

There are six shades available, and again I own three: Sweet Peach (a peachy nude), Pixi Pink (a light pink I absolutely detest) and Ripe Raspberry (the perfect summer color). When I read the claims, I figured they´d be more of a tinted balm and haphazardly slapped one on. Oh, how wrong I was!


pixi MatteLustre & Shea Butter
pixi Shea Butter Lip Balm in Sweet Peach


pixi MatteLustre & Shea Butter
pixi Shea Butter Lip Balm in Pixi Pink


pixi MatteLustre & Shea Butter
pixi Shea Butter Lip Balm in Ripe Raspberry


They are balms, rich and nourishing and with the typical balmy slip, but they do offer coverage! Sweet Peach has been living in my coat pocket ever since I slapped it on for the first time, as it goes great with any smokeyness I have on my eyes that day and offers comfort to my dry lips.

Given they are a balm, they do of course need reapplication after a meal. Or after two hours, if you go that long without eating. Just like the MatteLustre lipsticks they smell sweet, like vanilla (or oldschool MAC lipsticks), but in a subtle way.

Again, being a balm, the finish is more on the glossy side.

A must? Yes, at least in my life, where heating and cold take a toll on my lips, but still there is this need for color that makes me forego most lip balms. I can´t be the only one?


Speaking of lips, have you seen my latest vlog? I do epilate my mustache for the sake of better swatch pictures. Riveting, I know!


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