Falling leaves and a season changing – Makeup Trends Fall/Winter 2015/16

I tend to hold on to summer as long as I can.
Long evenings sitting outside, wearing flowy dresses and nibbling watermelon are just my idea of a good time, so I get nostalgic whenever fall comes around.

Lasts years favorite lipsticks

But with the morning chills, the turning leaves and my beach holiday over, even I adjusted to the thought that fall is truly here and started focussing on all the good things that come with it.
One of them being new makeup trends.

So if you are curious to know what next season will bring, keep reading.

1. Vampy lips
Now let´s get the obvious out of the way first. Dark lips have always been a fall/winter signature look and this season isn´t any different. Except that the lips are very, very dark this time, at least if you try to incorporate the full-on runway look.
Apart from the dark berry, red lips are here to see us through the grey and darkness.

Vampy lips (Source)

My take on it:
I do love my berry lips, but I will probably stick to a more toned down version of this trend, just like I did last year.
As far as red lips go, it will come to no surprise that I will gladly keep on wearing them.

My darkest berry lipstick, MAC “Dark Deed” (LE)

2. Graphic black liner
Taking on from the graphic and smudged liners that were on trend throughout summer nothing much has changed here. Again, if you ant to wear this trend full-on, you have to be quite brave and hopefully not working in a very conservative work place…

Statement liner (Source)

Smudged liner (Source)

My take on it:
Black liner, preferably winged out, is something that I love wearing, but I think I will stick to the clean line I love so much and shy away from the statement looks.

Recreating a Dior add

3. Flushed cheeks
Looking like you just returned from a long walk in the crisp air is all the rage this season, probably intertwining with “Strobing” which seems to be here to stay.
Cream blushes are the easiest way to achieve this gorgeous flush of color.
Flushed Cheeks (Source)
My take on it:
Other than Strobing this is a look that I love, so my cream blushes will stay out of the drawer and be kept in rotation for the time to come.
Wearing MaxFactor “Soft Cardinal” on eyes, cheeks and lips
4. Metal on your lids
Again a trend that can be done either very wearable or very out of this world, so pick according to your personal preference.
On the runway flecks of gold or copper all over the lid could be seen as well as a bronze smokey eye, making it very versatile.
Metal on the eyelids (Source)

And the wearable version: A bronze smokey eye. (Source)
My take on it:
I am all for a bronze smokey eye, but I will most likely (read: at all costs) stay away from glueing metal pieces to my face!
A picture is coming in my next post, if you are curious to see how I interpret it.
Overall I love the combination of natural beauty (mainly base) paired with bolder versions of fall classics. Fall/Winter Makeup 2015/16 is strong and edgy, but very feminine at the same time, a combination I can wholeheartedly agree on.

Which trend are you most excited about?
And do you tend to change your makeup according to season or keep the same stuff all year long?

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