New Years Eve

This is the last blog post I will be doing this year, as tonight is New Years Eve. I have been contemplating what to do for quite some time now, but remained undecided.

Happy New Year!

A glam makeup tutorial for going out, called my New Years Eve Face?
Who am I kidding, I will be staying at home with Mr. Loca, as babysitters are hard to get and almost impossible to pay tonight, probably in PJ bottoms by nine.

A retrospect on my blogging year?
I have been blogging for full four months, still trying to figure out where I want this blog to go and where my strengths and weaknesses are. A little to early to look back in an elaborate post.

Personal thoughts and New Years Resolutions?
There has been quite a lot personal stuff already, and I don’t think my life is that exciting. And my New Years resolutions… They are pretty boring as well, just repeating the whole eat healthy work out and loose that extra pound (or two) stuff.

So what did I go for?
My blog and beauty resolutions!

During the last months, I have been looking at the blogs I read with different eyes: What do I like, what keeps me coming back, what is it I could integrate into mine?

I discovered a whole lot of new blogs, some still very small, some already growing or full established, and I got a lot of inspiration.

1. My writing.
I love funny, witty blogposts. But I just can’t write them.
Maybe it is because English isn’t my native language, but I think the main reason is, I am just not that funny. I have an organized, scientific approach towards most things, and although I laugh a lot, it is because I surround myself with funny and witty people. That reflects in my writing, and I guess I will have to accept that, forever admiring the blogposts on Karen´s Makeup and Beauty Blog or posts like Melissas Beauty Cluedo: Who murdered my lovely skin?
The resolution is to try and stop being witty and write like I would talk in real life. Businesslike in my reviews, emotional in my personal posts.

2. My pictures
Looking back at the first pictures I uploaded, I cringe. And even if there is improvement already, there are still too many things to work out. So I will focus on finding a good background, improve my posing and selfie skills and figure out the lighting situation!

3. My makeup
I think I am pretty good at doing my makeup for everyday, and sometimes I even get complimented on it by a stranger.
But looking at Agatas perfect fall makeup (I mean, look at those eyes!) and so many other tutorials out there, I realize that it is time to work on my blending, contouring and creativity, especially when taking pictures. The lighting changes everything, and what looks lovely and colorful in person ends up one grey-brown mash in pictures.
On my beauty bucket list is joining Pixiwoos for one of their makeup courses. Would also make a great gift. Too bad Mr. Loca doesn’t read my blog…

4. Sticking to my schedule
When I started blogging, I wanted to upload once a week, but got quickly carried away, as I had some posts prepared, and started uploading twice a week. Once I started, I felt obliged to see it through, even through my exam preparation. Learning from that experience, I resist the urge to upload more often, just because I have some time on my hands right now.
I love returning to blogs everyday for new content, but I know I will not be able to see this through.

What are your resolutions, both personal and beauty-wise?
Let me know in the comments, as I am incredibly nosy!


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