Brand Spotlight Doctor Duve Medical Skincare

Even though I think I have picked up quite a bit of blogging lingo over the years, some things will forever be alien to me. Like the term “branding”. Sure, I know what it means, but the first thing that comes to my mind is a cow getting marked with a red hot iron. Which maybe isn´t that far from reality, now that I think about it.

Or “Instagram theme”. Luckily that is already so 2016, with lot´s of big names telling us how liberating it is to no longer have one. Good thing I never figured out what mine would be, or I would have dozens of rainbow picture probs going to waste now.


Brand Spotlight - Doctor Duve Medical Skincare
Brand Spotlight – Doctor Duve Medical Skincare


If I look at my feed though I can´t help but notice that there is some repetition going on in my pictures. Not in terms of probs (I don´t use any) or background (most of the time it is my bathroom wall), but in terms of the things I take pictures of.

Because, believe it or not, the majority of my pictures is skincare routines. The real ones, the ones that I actually did put on my face, and as I am a huge fan of thoroughly testing a product, you will see the same pots and pumps over and over again. Boring? Maybe.


But it means that I know the products by Doctor Duve Medical Skincare I have tested by heart.

In the video (which I of course recommend you watch on You Tube and in HD) I will cover brand background, aesthetics, target audience, pricing, key ingredients and, of course, the products.


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For your convenience I will link the in depth reviews of all products mentioned below, just in case you have missed them the first time.

Doctor Duve Triple Peel Treatment * (Review)
Doctor Duve Boosting Eye Cream * (Review)
Doctor Duve Boosting Face Cream * (Review)

And the link to the clinic/spa mentioned, in case you are curious and happen to be around Munich.


The items in this post are PR samples. I was under no obligation to write about them and all opinion expressed are honest any my own. Links may be affiliate links.


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