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I am not very good at doing my hair. In fact, I am so bad at doing it, I gave up on it a while ago. My hair styling routine basically consisted of: Wash it, brush it, leave it to air dry, which either turned out okay (my hair is fairly straight with just a slight wave) or didn’t work at all, in which case I fell back on a braid or chignon, which is basically a fancy word for „messy thing on the back of your head“.

On top of that my hair is bleached and fine, making it prone to breakage, and I always worried that regular heat styling would finish it off completely.


Dyson AirWrap Hair Styler Review
Dyson AirWrap Hair Styler Complete Set


So when the Dyson Air Wrap was launched, promising easy styling paired with less damage due to lower heat, I was intrigued. But at a price of 569 €, I was not willing to take any chances! Because, let’s face it, that is a lot of money!

But is it, really?

After all the Dyson Air Wrap is not just one styling tool, it is the styling tool that promises to do what you before had needed four different tools for: a hair dryer, a roundbrush, a flat iron and a curling iron.

Assuming you purchase quality there, these four things quickly add up to the same amount!



Why is the Dyson AirWrap supposed to be less damaging than regular tools?


Or, in this case, less heat.

To style your hair differently than it would normally fall, you need to apply a certain amount of heat to it. And the more heat you use, the mor damaging that is to the hair.

Because the Dyson AirWrap uses air instead of heat only, it is able to use no more than 150°C, which is way less than other styling tools do, and it measures that temperature around 40 times a second to make sure it stays that way.

Of course heat is not the only way to damage hair (I wrote about a few others here), but it is one that occurs pretty often, at least if you style your hair on a regular basis.

Don’t be fooled though, 150 °C is still pretty hot, and you will notice that once you get close to your scalp, as the air vent makes you feel the heat more than a regular tool would.

On top of that the Dyson Air Wrap uses a new technology called the Coanda-Effect.

Against what you will read online, Dyson did not invent that technology, it is an effect in physics and has been discovered for a long time. It basically means that an air jet will follow a convex surface, even if that means that it needs to go out of its way. That effect can be used to hold a ping pong ball in the air, or, when it comes to hair styling, to wrap the hair around the barrel without having to manually do that.

But Dyson were the first to use it in hair styling, and for someone like me that burned themselves countless times wrapping their hair around a barrel, it makes all the difference!

You can see best how it works in the video, but basically you grab a piece of hair (small sections!), hold the wand next to it and turn it on, and the next thing you will know is that your hair is all curled up without tangles or tugging.


The Pre Styling Dryer
The Pre Styling Dryer


Pre Styling Dryer

But let’s go back to the beginning, to what separates the Dyson AirWrap from other styling tools.

Well, first difference is you use it on damp hair. And to get the desired amount of „dampness“ (is that a word?), the first attachment you will use is the Pre Styling Dryer, which is basically a travel version of their famous hair dryer.

Yes, it is small, but I am not exaggerating when I say that my hair dries twice as fast when using this compared to a regular one.

After drying your hair, it is time to decide which style to go for, and to switch to the corresponding attachment. Changing them is easy, you just press down a button to unlock, pull it off and click on the next one. Plug and play at its finest.


The two different sized barrels of the Dyson AirWrap Hair Styler
The two different sized barrels of the Dyson AirWrap Hair Styler


1,2 inch and 1,6 inch AirWrap barrels

These are the tools for curls, and the one that I reach for when I want maximum movement in my hair. You get two of each size, with arrows pointing in different directions, indicating in which direction the air goes.

I prefer having my curls facing away from my face, so I use one barrel for each side of my head, but you can obviously switch that up.

And because I got that question: Yes, of course you can just turn the barrel upside down, but why would you? Changing the barrel is really easy, and not having to hold my styling tool upside down is one of the main selling points for me here – I told you I was not very good at that.

A word of warning though: If you want really tight and curly curls, these barrels will not work for you.

Look created using the smaller wand of the Dyson Air Wrap Hair Styler
The curls I get using the smaller curling wand

I use the bigger one to mimic a professional blowout, I wouldn’t exactly say I get curls from using it, and while the smaller one gives Shirley Temple curls at first, they loosen up a bit over time and end up looking like the ones in this picture, which is exactly the look I am going for anyway.

When I use foam, this style lasts up to two days for me, but even without any added product I can still see movement after sleeping on it.


The round brush attachment of the Dyson AirWrap Hair Styler
The round brush attachment


Round Volumizing Brush

Being able to style your hair with a round brush really differentiates styling pros from helpless beginners like me. I have tried so many times to recreate at home what my stylist did in the salon, only to end up with hair tangled so tightly around the brush that I needed hours to get it loose again, only to be left with a frizzy mess rather than a voluminous wave.

That never happened with the Dyson AirWrap, probably because you don’t need to handle two things at once. I will still admit though that the roundbrush is the attachment I reach for the least, and mainly to get some movement in the ends or around my face.


The smoothing brush for fine hair of the Dyson AirWrap Hair Styler
The smoothing brush for fine hair


Firm and soft smoothing brush

These two basically do the same thing, but one is for coarser and the other one for finer hair. The one for fine hair has purple tips and glides through my hair without tugging. The bristles are able to move, so they create a slightly different vent depending on how you hold the brush, which apparently helps to draw the hair to it.

I can’t say I noticed that, but my hair has less frizz and more shine when styled like this as opposed to using a normal paddle brush (which is probably down to the fact that holding a hair dryer and a separate brush is more than I can manage on my own).

The hair is not as dead-straight as a flat iron leaves it, but my slight wave is smoothed out perfectly and my hair looks happy and healthy.


I love it for prepping my hair for updos.


Is the Dyson AirWrap Hair Styler worth the money?

As it is so often the answer on this blog: That depends!

It depends on your hair, your skills in hair styling and, first and foremost, your NEED for regular hair styling.

If you never style your hair anyway, it is surely not worth the money.

If you already style your hair every day, are a pro with the round brush and already have several high end styling tools at home, you probably don’t need it either.

But if like me you want to style your hair, but never really understood how. If you want an easy way to switch up your style in between without having to wash your hair. If you don’t want to invest in three different items, but rather have everything in one box…

Then this one is absolutely worth its money.


Dyson AirWrap Hair Styler Review
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Where to get one yourself

I liked it so much, I asked for the AirWrap rather than for actual monetary payment for my contributions, and ever since I got my hands on it, I have used it every time I washed my hair.

So if you want one for yourself, it is currently available here on QVC Beauty Deutschland.


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