New In Beauty March 2018 – The Ordinary, pixi and more

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After I returned from Galtür (read more about it here), I had a lovely package waiting for me. Inside was makeup, sparkly and shiny and new.

Sounds good, I hear you say. No. Better: Sounds good, I imagine you think right now.


New In Beauty March 2018
New In Beauty March 2018



Technically I cannot hear you, and I am not sure if anyone except me is talking to the computer screen. Mental note: Go out more!

Back to topic: Sounds good, but I knew I was leaving the next morning. And I wanted to start using the makeup. But before I could start using it, I needed to take pictures.

So I left unpacking, packing and sleeping to the last minute to get the shots you are about to see, with Mr. Loca shaking his head in disbelief. He will never understand!


But I bet you will, so feats your eyes on makeup barely untouched and then click the video to hear how it actually performed afterwards!


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Products mentioned

AVON mark. Liquid Lip Lacquer in “Lacquered Up” and “Pouty” *
pixi Liquid Fairy Lights in Passion Light *
The Ordinary Matrixyl 10% + HA
The Ordinary Buffet
The Ordinary Salicylic Acid 2%
The Ordinary EUK 134° 0,1%
The Ordinary Niacinamide + Zink
klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drops *


AVON mark. Liquid Lip Lacquer Shine
AVON mark. Liquid Lip Lacquer Shine “Pouty” (left) and “Lacquered Up” (right)


AVON mark. Liquid Lip Lacquer * (5,99 € here)

Longlasting, but very comfortable to wear, AVON launched a range of liquid lipsticks in 18 different shades, 9 shiny (like the ones I am wearing) and 9 more on the matte side.


AVON mark. Liquid Lip Lacquer Shine
The applicator


Now Liquid Lipsticks, especially in the matte version the thing to smear on your pout for I don’t know how long now, never really interested me. But lately I appreciate the fact that I don’t really need to touch up throughout the day too often (call me lazy) and reach for them more often. I already own a few neutral ones (read here), so two bolder colors were needed!


AVON mark. Liquid Lip Lacquer Shine
Lacquered Up


Both the red and the mauve wear beautiful, with no fading for 6+ hours and only the need to touch up after a full meal, and (yes, really!) actually hydrate my lips! I wore the red one for 6 hours straight when traveling to Valencia and my lips not only looked good, but felt great that night!


AVON mark. Liquid Lip Lacquer Shine


Minor issue though: They transfer. To my cup, to my sons chubby cheeks, to everything I decide to put my lips to, so if you are planning a night full of lip engagement, they might not be the smartest choice. Unless you want to mark your prey, it is up to you.


pixi Liquid Fairy Lights Passion Light
pixi Liquid Fairy Lights Passion Light


pixi Liquid Fairy Lights * (19,95 € here)

Fairy Lights, a must in every bloggers bedroom, but liquified on your eyes? Well, apparently it had to be done, and with the current rise in true glitter shadows (Stila started the trend here) I just had to see if they would work for me.


pixi Liquid Fairy Lights Passion Light
The applicator


Now these are glittery. Not shimmery, real specks of glitter. This is not subtle. And yet, it IS subtle. If you want it to be. As shown in the video, you can either wear them pretty opaque, sheer them out or, my preferred way, quickly take the office friendly eye you wear to a glam look by applying those on top.


pixi Liquid Fairy Lights Passion Light
Opaque on the left, sheered out on the right


In the first 15 minutes, little bits of glitter might go astray and end up on your chin, but once the shadow has fully set, it doesn’t move. Especially Passion Light, the beautiful bronzy shade I own, looks perfect for a beach party come summer.


pixi Liquid Fairy Lights Passion Light
As eyeshadow topper


All The Ordinary products will get an in-depth review over time here on the blog come time, so if there is one you want to hear from first, just tell me in the comments below.


Avon mark. Liquid Lip Lacquer Shine
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