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I know they have been around for a while not, but before testing the Florasis Floral Care Hydrating Dual Lip Oil, I had never used one of the tinted versions that I think became popular five years ago. There isn’t a particular reason for that, I just had so many colored lip products I needed to use some up before I ran out of storage space.


A tube of Florasis Floral Care Hydrating Dual Lip Oil standing n front of a dark background with white flowers
Florasis Floral Care Hydrating Dual Lip Oil


I always was intrigued though, as someone with chronically dry lips the thought of having the nourishment of an oil paired with color sounded quite good, even though the super glossy lip look isn’t my favorite. I am not one for a matte lip either (because that looks horrible on dry lips), but prefer a subtle satiny sheen over the plasticky gloss, so long story short, I never purchased one.

That might change now that I have tried Florasis version – let me tell you why.



What the Florasis Floral Care Hydrating Dual Lip Oil claims

Unlock your most brilliant pout with a quick shake of this duo-layer lip oil. The quick-acting essence effortlessly absorbs into lips for instant hydration, leaving a light layer of oil for a glossy, mirror-shine.


Facts about the Florasis Floral Care Hydrating Dual Lip Oil

Prize and size

One plastic bottle contains 5 g and is available for 23,95 € on the website here. It has a doe foot applicator.


Texture and smell

The dual lip oil has no real scent, but kind of a sweet taste after application. Obviously you are not supposed to eat it, but you‘ll taste it when you apply it. It feels way less oily than I expected.


Close-up of the two layers of the Florasis Floral Care Hydrating Dual Lip Oil with a yellow oily layer on top and a see-through hydrating layer at the bottom.
There are two layers you need to shake up to mix – can you see the little oily spheres?


How to use the Florasis Floral Care Hydrating Dual Lip Oil

When you look at the lip oil, you‘ll see that it is a bylayer product, with a thicker, yellow oily layer on top and a see through layer containing the humectants at the bottom. Before you use it, you need to shake it up so it mixes, there are metal spheres at the bottom to help with that, and then swipe it on with the doe foot applicator.

It really doesn‘t feel like it I expected a lip oil to feel – it is the first one I try – but in terms of skincare products more like a toner with a little more body than expected, an essence for example. (More info: The difference between toner and essence) Once you swipe it on, it absorbs quickly and leaves the lips feeling hydrated, but not greasy. I didn‘t find the finish to be “Mirror-like shine”, which I actually appreciate, or even very glossy. When applied on bare lips, it made them look well hydrated, on top of a matte lipstick it makes it look natural and on top of an already shiny lip product I didn‘t see much of a difference at all. My preferred way though was using it before lipstick as it really gives you a smooth surface to apply it to, and as it absorbs so quickly, it won‘t affect lipstick lasting power.


Ingredients of the Florasis Floral Care Hydrating Dual Lip Oil

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The humectants in the clear phase are Glycerin and Hyaluronic Acid and then there are a variety of different oils like Jojoba, Macadamia, Coconut and more for the oil part, so nothing outstanding here. (More info: The benefits of Hyaluronic Acid in skincare explained)


Does it live up to its claims?

Well, as I mentioned above I don’t find it to give mirror-like shine, or at least not what I think of when I hear that phrase. It does absorb instantly for lasting hydration though, so I am very pleased.


Would I repurchase and which skin types do I recommend the Florasis Floral Care Hydrating Dual Lip Oil to?

The Florasis Floral Care Hydrating Dual Lip Oil is the first lip oil I have tried, so I can’t compare it to others. It is way less oily than I expected and works beautiful both on bare lips and underneath a lipstick. The finish isn’t as shiny as advertised, which I personally really like, but makes the lips look well hydrated and glossy. If your lips are very dry, this won’t be enough to bring them back to smoothness, but it is great for upkeep when they are in good shape, but prone to getting dry like mine are.


Florasis Floral Care Hydrating Dual Lip Oil Review
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