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How many skincare devices are too many? is what I asked at the beginning of March over on Insta after unboxing two new parcels I had received. As you are my people, the answers were unanimously “there is no such thing as too many skincare devices”, which is why I don’t feel bad presenting you the two new things in my collection I am currently testing: The PRANA LED Light Therapy Mask from Maysama as well as the NEWA+ RF Wrinkle Reduction Device operating with Radiofrequency.


A collection of products from skincare devices over skincare to makeup standing in front of a dark background
New in for March – devices, skincare and some makeup


But that isn’t all I have to show you. Skincarewise I got the new products from The Ordinary, INNBEAUTY Project and Alpha-H. I also got some body care from the brand NERRA and some new makeup bits from essie and Catrice, so you really get a mixed bag here. Bright and colorful, right in time for spring.

Let’s dive in!


Oh, and I decided to film an accompanying video on my phone with minimal editing – if you are curious how that turned out, here it is!


Maysama Prana Pulsed LED Light Therapy Mask with Green Roibos Pressed Serum
Maysama Prana Pulsed LED Light Therapy Mask with Green Roibos Pressed Serum


New In from Maysama

You know I love my LED mask as easy way to take care of my skin in a way that might do more than my regular products can, and I was very lucky that the one I tried first was comfortable to wear and used al the right wavelengths. (More info: The benefits of LED Light Therapy on the face explained)

Trust me, I only now know HOW lucky I was, as I have been sent others since then that were neither comfortable nor used wavelengths that had shown any effect in the trials conducted. The Maysama PRANA LED Light Therapy Mask (Mask only 352.95 €, full review coming soon) on the other hand is comfortable and offers the right wavelengths, and on top of that has the option for using pulsed light, which according to the brand improves skincare absorption, amplifies ATP production and mitigates free radicals. That is something I need to look into before I can comment on it, but as soon as I did (and tested the mask for six full weeks) you can expect a dedicated review.

The serum that comes with the mask is the Maysama Green Roibos Pressed Serum (30 ml for 53,36 €, full review coming soon) that apparently has antioxidant benefits and will enhance the outcome of the LED Therapy. Again, I will report back.


NEWA+ RF Wrinkle Reduction Device with a tube of gel on a marbled surface in front of white flowers on a dark background
NEWA+ RF Wrinkle Reduction Device


New in from NEWA

Another device form I have been using for a while is radiofrequency (More info: The benefits of radiofrequency in skincare explained) I really enjoy mine and the results, but was a little annoyed because the version I had took more than one hour for a full treatment (what can I say, I have a lot of areas of concern…) and needed to be plugged in for the whole process.

The NEWA+ RF Wrinkle Reduction Device (Device plus one tube of Gel for 336 $, full review coming soon) comes in wireless, which is a bonus, but takes about as long as the other one and is to be used four times a week in the beginning, so right now I am not really saving time despite it only being recommended for cheeks and jaw line and not the forehead. I will keep using it for a minimum of eight weeks and then film my review.


One tube of The Ordinary Retinal 0.2% Emulsion standing in front of a dark background with white flowers
The Ordinary Retinal 0.2% Emulsion


New in from The Ordinary

A pleasant surprise at the end of the month was the arrival of The Ordinary Retinal 0.2% Emulsion (15 ml for 17,90 €, full review coming soon). I hadn’t even realized this one was in the pipeline, so imagine my surprise when I opened the the package. Retinaldehyde products are becoming increasingly popular in the last years, which means the options you have to chose from get more diverse, and I especially enjoy the low budget versions that make it more accessible. (More info: The different types of retinoids explained)

As  someone that uses Tretinoin for my adult acne, I am not the perfect candidate for testing it, but as my husband finally caved and let me build him a skincare routine around a year ago (More info: Minimalist skincare routine for my husband) that features the other budget Retinaldehyde I am aware of, he will be my guinea pig and offer first hand usage experience.


A bottle of Alpha-H Dawn to Dusk SPF 50+ Serum standing in front of a dark background with white flowers
Alpha-H Dawn to Dusk SPF 50+ Serum


New in from Alpha-H

Alpha-H released a new sunscreen called Alpha-H Dawn to Dusk SPF 50+ Serum (50 ml for 49,95 €, full review here), which is a little (a lot!) more pricey than what I usually spend on something that needs to be used as liberally as sunscreen does. I am really excited to try it though, as I do love Alpha-H skincare for their beautiful textures, the fact they call it a serum makes me hope for a lightweight product and because the brand is Australian, a country that, out of necessity I assume, has very high standards when it comes to regulating sunscreen.

First impressions are good, so stay tuned.


A tub of innbeauty Project Mineral Sun Glow SPF 43 standing in front of a dark background with white flowers
innbeauty Project Mineral Sun Glow SPF 43


New in from innbeauty Project

Another sunscreen that is a little out of my regular purchases is the innbeauty Project Mineral Sun Glow SPF 43 in Fair/ Medium (50 ml for 35 $, full review here). It is a purely inorganic aka mineral sunscreen, which isn’t something I normally use, but as I know that it can be a litte tricky to find good sunscreen options when you live in the US, I decided to try it and let you know what I think.

The fact that it is tinted could be either really great or really bad. On the website it looked very natural, but I have had my far share of orange SPFs – I will report back.


Nerra Body Care


New in from NERRA

I don’t often talk about body care here as I use the same drugstore moisturizer day in and day out, but when the beautiful NERRA Body Wash (250 ml for 33,95 €, full review coming soon) and NERRA Dry Body Oil (100 ml for 79,95 €, full review coming soon) arrived at my doorstep, accompanied by a leaflet featuring a full on selfcare ritual these were meant to be part of, I was intrigued. Both do come in a scented and an unscented version (I have the unscented version) and upon first try feel very luxurious.

Now I only need to find the time for some self indulgent me time – not an easy task with my busy schedule.


Essie Good as new and Catrice Blush Affair
Essie Good as new and Catrice Blush Affair Liquid Blush


New in from Catrice and essie

You might remember from last months New In post that I had been meaning to get the essie Good As New Nail Perfector (13,5 ml for 11,95 €, full review coming soon) for ages, but that is was always sold out. Well, my nails are still in a horrible condition, I blame it on stress and washing my hands very frequently during winter, so when I saw it in stock, I had to get it. The claim is to improve nail surface in as little as a week, so of course I slapped it on as quickly as possible to see if that works. The first week is almost over, so we will see.

After years of using only powder, I have been on a liquid blush kick lately, testing different formulas from different brands, almost exclusively drugstore as I feel it doesn’t hurt as much if they don’t live up to my expectations. My latest acquisition is the Catrice Blush Affair Liquid Blush in Ready Red Go (10 ml for 4,49 €, full review coming soon). First impressions are good, but I have to test it more in depth before I can comment on it.


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