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I have something very special to announce – the start of the Doctor Anne Channel Membership on YouTube!


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Come join me for some exclusive content over on YouTube


Almost six months ago I asked you what you would want from such a membership, and the overwhelming majority voted for exclusive Q+A videos on skincare topics, with more chatty videos, think Vlog-style, coming second.

Well, I am here to deliver.



Becoming a member will be possible starting March 1st, so two days from now, and should you decide to join the club, you will have three different options for a start:

Level one is for those that just want to be part of it and support this channel a little – you get an icon next to your name when you have become a member for a certain amount of time, get access to stickers, members only community posts and similar things, it is basically the base line every channel membership offers – and it is priced at the lowest point possible, which is 0,99 € a month.

Level two is where you start getting exclusive perks. It is the level best suited for those that want to be a little more involved as each month I will release a list of potential topics for the Ask Doctor Anne series and you will get the chance to vote which one you want me to cover or suggest a topic of your own. It is also the level for those that want to get to know me a little better on a more personal level, as I will upload more chatty or vlog style videos around once a month, maybe more often if there is a lot of interesting stuff going on. Nothing fancy and artsy edited, mind you, just me and my regular everyday life. These videos are exclusive to Level two or three members, but are not skincare specific. Level two is available for 1,99 € a month.

Level three now is for all of you that want to be able to exclusively pick my brain even more than you are able to do in the comment sections. When you become a Level three member, you can ask me any skincare related question you want an answer to and I will provide you a condensed answer in a monthly Q+A video exclusive to Level three members. If the topic is interesting, I might even make an Ask Doctor Anne video in the future. You can ask me as many questions as you like, but please understand that there are some limitations to what I can do on here: I can not offer individual medical advice, I can not build complete skincare routines for you in a Q+A video and I can not make the video hours long – if there are too many questions, I will pick one (or a few that are related) per person and answer the others in the upcoming months. The videos do need some preparation, so I will take questions until the end of the month – March 31st for example and answer those in a video released end of April, while the questions you ask in April will be answered in May and so on and so forth. Level three is the most expensive one and will be available for 5,99 € a month.

If you feel anything is missing from that list of perks, now is your chance to let me know.

And come March 1st, I would love for you to join me as Doctor Anne channel member so we can get to know each other even better.



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