Deep Conditioning – My recipe of choice

As I told you on Tuesday in my last blogpost, my hair lacks moisture. My ends are dry, I get a lot of frizz and the cold wind and heating don’t really help in improving that.

Deep Conditioning has been my method of choice, and while it looks absolutely ridiculous to walk around the flat having your head covered in oil (and other stuff), wearing a shower cap and probably even a woolen hat, it really helped me throughout the last months.


Picture source Instagram
Picture source Instagram

The things we do for beauty, hm?

Now my husband has become accustomed to me looking all kinds of crazy in the name of blogging and beauty, but if your special someone is a sensitive soul, you should probably save that and the sheet masks for evenings home alone.

Now you can do Deep Conditioning by simply using a regular hair mask, putting a shower cap or cling foil on top and use a hat or a blow dryer to get some heat, but I do love to get all DIY here and actually mix my own recipe.

If you want to follow along, here is an overview about the ingredients you could use.


Protein everywhere
Protein everywhere

For protein


Obvious choice. Just make sure the water isn’t too hot, or you will end up with cooked egg all over your hair.

Keratin treatments:

Now a lot of stuff says “Keratin” on the bottle. Just look for the following ingredients: (Hydrolyzed) Rice Protein, (Hydrolyzed) Wheat Protein, (Hydrolyzed) Soy Protein, (Hydrolyzed) Corn Protein. I personally prefer Wheat protein, but there is no science behind that, just trial and error.


Honey in your hair?
Honey in your hair?

For moisture


Any oil will do, but the most popular one seems to be coconut oil. It is said to penetrate deep into the hair, getting everywhere for lasting effects. If you are concerned about your hair being weighed down, jojoba oil might be a better choice, as it is extremely light weight and resembles our “natural oils” the most. Almond oil and sesame oil are said to help with hair loss/thinning the best and avocado oil seems to be the top of the crops when it comes to moisturizing. Olive oil is a great allrounder, if you can get over the smell.


Works as a humectant, locking in the moisture you infuse through the oils and multiplying the effect. I cant vouch for that one, I never tried it. It must be quite difficult to rinse, I figure.

Aloe vera:

Known to moisturize sunburnt, dry and itchy skin, of course it works on the hair as well. I bought a bottle of aloe vera gel from Amazon (here) to save my beloved aloe vera plant, but of course you could harvest yourself.


Aloe and coconut, with a little bit of olive oil for good measure
Aloe and coconut, with a little bit of olive oil for good measure

My choices

Now here is what I do:

  • At first, I massage one teaspoon of aloe vera gel into my scalp and one teaspoon into my lengths
  • Then I take one tablespoon of coconut oil, melt it in the microwave, add one tablespoon of olive oil and check the temperature. The mixture should be warm, not hot!
  • I massage the blend of oils into my hair, starting at the lengths and working my way up
  • When I feel extra fancy, I give my scalp a massage to distribute everything even better. Increased blood flow means increased hair growth!
  • Now a shower cap comes in handy, but if you don’t have one, cling foil will do the job and add to the ridiculous appearance.
  • For heat, I love to either take a hot bath (ultimate relaxation) or bundle up on the couch with a woolen hat on my head. You could use a blow dryer, but I don’t own one.
  • After at least one hour, rinse extra thoroughly. It may take shampooing twice (it does for me).


Have you ever tried Deep Conditioning before?

What would be your ingredients of choice?

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