Taking out the trash X – December Empties

My first ever You Tube video (linked here if you really want to see) was a “Taking out the trash” video. And it was almost one year ago that I set it live. So to make up for my (obviously missed) You Tube anniversary, here is my December Empties video.


December Empties


Honestly, I am rubbish at remembering anniversaries. I missed my blogging one for the second time this August and I don’t think I will ever remember to do a special post or something similar like I see on all the other blogs.

Oh well, I am going to celebrate everyday that I manage to keep up with it, I guess, and just go with the flow.


But I got off on a tangent here. Back to topic: December Empties. I was debating whether or not to upload today, as I can imagine everyone being pretty busy eating and spending time with family, but then I figured: What better time to celebrate throwing out old stuff to make place for all the new and shiny goodies we received. Am I right?

So go grab a mince pie or whatever it is you are having and join me on a journey through my trash bin.


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The Body Shop Vitamin E facial mist (Review)
M. Asam Resveratrol Essence of Youth Facial Serum * (Review)
Soo Beauté sheet mask
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