Fabletics by Kate Hudson – These days in between

I know the time “in-between”, the days after Christmas and before the New Year, are meant to be filled with party and glam.


Fabletics workout gear


But to be completely honest, my life couldn’t be less glam than it is at the moment. With me working and daycare closed, there is barely any time for going out and meeting friends, so I try to do my second favorite thing for the time between Christmas and New Years:

Staying in and getting cozy. And maybe get a light workout in to combat the crazy amount of cookies and chocolate I have been consuming.


Right before Christmas Fabletics approached me and offered a free workout outfit in exchange for a blogpost, and after a quick browse on the website, I agreed.

Fabletics is the new workout brand of Kate Hudson, featuring gear for different kinds of workout as well as stuff you could wear afterwards, like comfy hoodies and loungewear.


Fabletics and The Warrior


Initially I was drawn to the colorful leggings and tops aimed at gym bunnies, but as my size was completely sold out I opted for the yoga/loungewear option.

Now Christmas is the time for family gatherings, and I took full advantage of having my sister over, employing her not only as my personal photographer, but as my yoga instructor as well. It might not look that way, but I was sweating a lot, trying to listen to her: “Head up! Straighten that leg! Ah, the hand… And now, breathe!” commands.


And my favorite pose…


The workout gear itself was comfortable to wear, both for practice and for a cup of tea afterwards, and while I can not comment on how well it will wash quite yet, I am very happy with this new addition to my wardrobe.

Let´s see if I use it for yoga or for lounging in the days to come…

If you want to check out the collection yourself, please click here (http://www.fablectics.de/kate-hudson) to be taken directly to the website.


The products featured were sent to me in exchange for a blogpost. All opinions and thoughts expressed are honest and my own.


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