Favorite Face of … Party!

My first blogpost every month is usually a “Favorite Face of…” post, in which I share the makeup that I have been loving and wearing for the month passed.

The problem this time?
My makeup hasn’t changed. I still wear pretty much the same products I did in June, changing only the lip color slightly, as I do have a ton of red options that all need some love.

All ready to go out, wearing my favorite headpiece
So when Cat from Cat Hearts Budget reached out to me for a collaboration, we did some quick brainstorming and decided on a makeup look that comes to mind first thing when two mothers meet:
Glam Party Night!
This is the makeup I used to (and would still) wear whenever it was time for a night out and dressing up. Ah, back in the days…
The makeup itself is actually pretty quick and needs little to no touching up, a major bonus when you are going to be out all night.
Main focus are of course the eyes.
MAC Mineralize Eyeshadow in “Dark Indulgence”
This eyeshadow does all the work for you. It has a dark base and the prettiest green shimmer, so all you need to do is pat it on the eye and blend it with a transition color for a dramatic look.
Here is a close up for you to really see the shimmer:
MAC Mineralize Eyeshadow in “Dark Indulgence”
And of course no party would be complete with a statement hairpiece. This time I decided to go for the wet look and wear my pretty tiny hat, also black with a hint of green.
The headpiece
Now onto the rest of my makeup.
Whenever I wear a smokey eye, I do my eyes first. Nothing worse than black fallout on your carefully highlighted cheeks…
Products used on my eyes

To improve longevity, I used MAC Paintpot in Painterly as a base, applied MAC Mineralize Eyeshadow in “Dark Indulgence” on top and blended the edges with MAC “Bamboo”, a matte warm brown.
After that I tightlined my upper and lower waterline with Lancomes Le Crayon Khol in Noir and applied a generous coat of Revlons 3D Photoready mascara. As the eyes are so dark anyway, I didn’t see the point in wearing false lashes.

Products used on my face

To achieve flawless skin, I used MAC Matchmaster Foundation in 1.5 (review here). The coverage is enough for me at the moment, so no additional concealer was needed. I set everything with IsaDora Velvet Touch Compact Powder in “Soft Mist” (review here) and used MAC “Harmony” (the right one in the above picture) for contour.
As I didn’t want anything to compete with the eyes, I choose MAC “Garb”, a soft golden brown, for blush and applied a little bit of MeMeMe Sunbeam Highlighter (very blurry in the picture above, sorry) on top.

Products used on my lips
On my lips went a MLBB shade, a Sexy Motherpucker lip crayon from Soap and Glory in the color “Baby Lips Blush”. This one can be a little drying, but lasts well through drinking, so I like it if I don’t want to worry about touch ups.
And now I am ready to hit the clubs! Will you join me?
Let´s just make a quick stop at Cat hearts budget first to pick her up and admire her makeup for our Glam Party Night.


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