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Now this might be the shortest New In blogpost I have written since starting this series, and it only features one brand: Geek and Gorgeous. I admit I considered simply skipping it this month, as it really doesn’t offer much new information.


Geek and Gorgeous A-Game and C-Glow
New in from Geek and Gorgeous – A-Game and C-Glow


But that of course triggered my superstition – what would happen if I didn’t live up to the promise I gave? To myself obviously, I am not that vain that I think anyone else would care enough. Would it be the beginning of the end? The first in a chain of missed publication dates, ultimately leading to me abandoning the blog as I realize how many other things I could have done in the time spend clicking away on my keyboard?

I couldn’t risk that, so here it is: The shortest New In skincare since September 2022! Although I admit scrolling through my archive that the one in February 2023 wasn’t much longer either…


Geek and Gorgeous A-Game and C-Glow
New in from Geek and Gorgeous – A-Game and C-Glow


New in from Geek and Gorgeous

I am not even sure I am allowed to call this a “new in”, seeing that both products have featured on my blog numerous times before. More of a favorites repurchased thing than new things. Still, here we go:

First the Geek and Gorgeous C-Glow Serum (30 ml for 12,50 €, full review here). I can’t count through how many bottles of this I have gone over the years (I mean, I could count if I scrolled my empties posts, but I won’t) and despite all the other ones I have tried I keep coming back to it. It lasts long enough without oxidizing, has a great texture and isn’t irritating for my skin and the price makes it very accessible.

And then the Geek and Gorgeous A-Game 10 (30 ml for 18,80 €, full review here, also comes in a lower concentration). It is no secret that I have been on Tretinoin for years as I suffer from adult acne, so why would I need a Retinaldehyde product? Well, I use it on my chest and neck where Tret would be way too much for me to handle (More info: The best way to take care of neck and decollete), but it is also the one product I recommend to all my friends and family asking for a retinoid recommendation. Even my husband, utterly bored by everything related to beauty and skincare, has been using it consistently ever since I build him the most minimalistic skincare routine ever. (More info: Skincare for minimalists – what my husband uses)


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