Sometimes I am afraid of myself – Sheet masks

I, for one, can’t watch scary movies.

And I am not talking the hardcore ones. Literally anything will leave me scared for weeks.

I stopped watching “Supernatural” after the second episode because I just couldn’t take it.
Even reading about these movies gives me nightmares.
And just in case you wondered: I am 36. Not 12.

I am smiling beneath the mask, promise!

So I have to be extra careful when using one of my Singapore sheet masks, because it may or may not have happened that the surprising sight of myself in the bathroom mirror made me squeal…
As you might have seen in my haul post here, I got quite a lot of them.
To be honest, I just entered the drugstore and grabbed any mask I could get hold of, be they moisturizing, firming, or, always a winner with asian girls, whitening.

There are expensive, high end sheet masks out there, but as I wanted the full on experience without blowing the bank, I stuck to drugstore.

And as a detailed review of all of them would be way to long, I´ll give you a quick rundown of what I got and say a word on the ingredients last.

Classic Korean Sheet Masks

Classic Korean Sheet Masks:
1. Jeju Tangerine Face Mask: Nourishing, for soft and smooth skin
2. Jeju Seaweed Face Mask: Moisturizing, for hydrating skin
3. Jeju Tsubaki Face Mask: Ultra-soothing, for revitalised skin

2-Step Masks with Moisturizer

Masks with additional Moisturizer:
4. 2-Step America Soothing Pack: Calendula Soothing Mask and Moisturizer
5. 2-Step Oceania Firming Pack: Glasswort Hydrating Mask and Moisturizer
6. 2-Step Africa hydrating Pack: Mango Moisturizing Mask and Moisturizer

2-Step Masks with Cleansers

Masks with additional Cleanser:
7. 2-Step Moisturizing and Repairing Pack: Algae Moisturizing Mud Mask and Cleanser
8. 2-Step Deep Pore Cleansing Pack: Volcanic Oil-Control Mud Mask and Cleanser

Fermented Rice Stem Cell Mask

Stem Cell Masks:
9. Rice Stem Cell Mask: Brightening and Refining
I decided to stay clear of pig placenta and the likes…

So far I have used one of each, except the ones with Cleansers, and found the experience to be pleasant.
Some have a strong smell, you feel absolutely weird when putting them on and your husband/boyfriend/dad/dog will make fun of you for sure, but at the same time they give me the exciting feeling of a Spa day, just because they are so totally different from everything I usually do.

One word on the ingredient list, though:
These are by no means gems of skincare. In fact, they all contain their fare share of preservatives, some contain mineral oil and some parabens.
But on top of that, they do contain great oils, aloe, glycerin and the likes, so they will have an effect. I just wouldn’t want my skincare to solely consist of them.

For me, it is more about the experience than the ingredients here.

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