Ticks and trolls – my week in a nutshell

Almost everyone that shares part of his life on the internet has been subject to hateful comments. They may be targeting your content (“Your sound is awful, buy a new mic!” – Nope), your appearance (“You are an ugly old hag and I cringe just looking at you” – Then don´t), sometimes even the things you said (“That was useless information and a waste of my time. Why do you think anyone cares?” – Probably because people take the time to leave comments)


Shaving my face?
Shaving my face?


I usually don´t bother giving them any attention, quickly reply in my head and move on. One of the perks of being older is that I don´t rely on external validation as much as I did when I was younger.

Every once in a while one stays with me though, the last time earlier this week. It all started with a comment I made on someone elses Instagram post. It was a post about Darphin skincare, rich in essential oils, the scent designed to be relaxing and comforting. You´ll know by now that relaxing is a recurring theme here on the blog, and I wrote something like: “The scent of a product is so important when it comes to unwind.”


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I admit, not my wittiest or most thoughtful remark, but it still caught someones eye five (!) days later and he (she? I have no clue) felt inclined to ask me if I, stupid woman, didn´t know that fragrance was highly toxic to human cells.

Indeed, I didn´t know.

Even more, I didn´t (and still don´t) believe.

And when I voiced that, choosing these words: “I have not yet seen valid scientific proof of that claim and that is very important to me as a doctor before I accept things as fact” – I apparently painted a huge target at my back.

I was called an ugly liar and DMs asked for proof that I was, in fact, a doctor, not as people assumed a full time blogger and You Tuber. It is of course very flattering that someone considers it possible that I make a living out of my blog, but I think the fact that I have less than 800 followers on social media should be proof enough that I am certainly not.

My main job is being a doctor, right now in public health, and on that behalf I was on tv last Wednesday to talk about the importance of vaccination and tick borne diseases. Just to be clear: There is no vaccination against lyme disease, one of the more common tick borne diseases, but here in Germany there is one against FSME.

Why is that important for this beauty blog? Well, it isn´t. But I kind of forgot about that event and decided to shave my face for the first time the night before, which could have gone horribly wrong. Not smart, I know.

It made for a nice vlog though, in case you want to see proof.


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