Strawberry fields forever – Keeping things juicy all year round

This title tells you two things about me:
I love strawberries and I love The Beatles.

Now it is the season for strawberries, so I will put my questionable taste of music aside and talk about the gorgeous red sweetness that is this fruit.

Homemade Strawberry Jam

Living in the 21h century, you can get strawberries all year round.
But even if they look and smell like they should, the taste is only right for a short time.
So what about the other nine months of the year?
The answer is simple: Jam!

But of course, not any jam will do.
The ones you buy contain way too much sugar, most of them contain added flavors and none of them have ever compared to the one and only:

Mama Loca´s Homemade Strawberry Jam

What you need:
1,5 kg Strawberries
0,5 kg Jam Sugar

Strawberries and sugar

What you do:
1. Wash and cut the strawberries
2. Mix strawberries and sugar in a pot
3. Cook the mixture for around three minutes on medium heat
4. Use a blender and blend everything down

If you feel extra fancy, you can add other fruits (raspberries or rhubarb are great) or a vanilla pod to the mixture, just adjust the total amount of fruit and sugar so you always have 3 parts fruit on one part sugar.

Pour the jam into jars (rinsed with boiling water), put on the lid and let it cool down.
That´s it, you are done.

Ah, with one exception: Always remember to lick the spoon. The best part!

No matter how old…

Do you like strawberries?
And have you ever tried cooking your own jam?

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