Monthly Recap July 2019

A lot has changed since I posted my last Monthly Recap (read here), both for my blog and in my personal life. Time to bring you up to speed, don´t you think?

Blog stuff first: I took (well, am still taking) the Zero to Influence You Tube Bootcamp to help my channel gain momentum and reach the audience I really wanted to reach: People that want quick and honest skincare reviews as well as information about how skin and skin care works. And while I thought I already worked hard towards this goal, turns out I was missing out on quite a few things.


Flowers on a wall
Impressions from Sweden. Before the big change happened.


It took a lot of convincing, but after uhm-ing and ah-ing on my part I changed my You Tube channel name to Doctor Anne. This is to highlight the fact that I AM a doctor and that I DO know what I am talking about, something I was somehow hesitant to admit. It feels great though, and I already had quite a few interesting discussions that stemmed from that. I also changed my upload schedule and added one short product review video a week, which seems to work well, but of course increases the amount of work needed tremendously.

Which brings me to the other, more personal changes: The day I returned from my holiday, I switched my job. Within the same “company”, I still work in public health, but after starting in “Infectious Diseases” and then being head of department in “Refugee Health Care” for almost two years, I am now head of department in “Children and Adolescents Health Care”. I knew this change would be coming, but hadn´t expected it to happen so soon, so you can imagine the last few weeks have been hectic. The department is about four times the size of my previous one, and the only experience I have in this field is the fact that I do have two kids that are more or less healthy most of the time. A lot to learn, al lot of new responsibilities, a lot of fun to come.


Very sweaty and very happy. 10k run for charity.


What else happened, let me see… We were on holiday in Sweden (it was glorious), I did take part in a charity run (it was sweaty) and we are currently experiencing a heat wave in Germany that has me hiding in my basement whenever possible. Good thing we live in a house build 1914, with thick walls and high ceilings that is impossible to keep warm in the winter, but stays cool even if outside the tar is melting. Just as a reminder, just as it is in the UK, air condition is not a thing in most homes or public places!

But enough with the weather, what have I been blogging about?


pixi Vitamin C Range
Vitamin C everywhere – Two products were reviewed in July, the rest will soon follow



Another thing I learned from the Bootcamp is to niche down even more than I was already doing, and focus on my one topic: Skincare. Which obviously meant that I did start the month with a Makeup Declutter video, my Makeup Declutter 2019 – Blush and Bronzer Collection. Counterintuitive? Yes, but I had prerecorded that one before we went on holiday and had no time to prepare another one. But after that the skin care theme came into full force: I followed up with Which ingredients work for anti aging? , shared my My travel skincare routine afterwards and then showed my Beauty Empties July 2019 – everything I finished since last April.

For skincare reviews I did the pixi skintreats Vitamin C Serum Review , then the Merumaya Melting Cleansing Balm Review and lastly the pixi Vitamin C Juice Cleanser Review . And there is a lot more pixi to come, as you could see in my latest Beauty Low Buy 2019 – June Update . I have another one coming this Tuesday which I probably need to call my Low Buy Fail, as it is quite a bit of stuff to show you!

And for those of you wondering: Yes, I did upload a video today, a review on THE INKEY LIST Vitamin C Serum that will be added to the original post, but also directly linked below so I can save you some clicking. Enjoy!



What happened for you in July?

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