One Lovely Blog Award

Another post outside my regular uploading routine… But don’t worry, that won’t become a habit.

I have been nominated the “One Lovely Blog Award” by the lovely Roxy at The Beautiful Bluebird in late october and thought it was about time I answered the questions and passed on the nomination.

The rules are simple, you display the Award Picture:

You tell 7 facts about yourself and you nominate someone else.

So here we go:

To tell 7 random facts about myself isn’t as easy as I would thought it would be, but let´s do this.
I´m doing my best not to bore anyone to death.

Fact number 1:
I love scuba diving and swimming in the ocean, but am terribly afraid of sharks.

Fact number 2:
I get motion sick easily.
Mr. Loca has a light aircraft pilot license and invited me for a romantic flight when we started dating. After 5 minutes I was so sick I had to throw up, and as there were no air sickness bags, he made some out of random paper he had with him.

Fact number 3:
My hair has never been any other color than blond. I was always afraid it wouldn’t go back to its natural state once I dyed it.

Fact number 4:
I used to read so much I promised myself never to leave a book unfinished. A promise I have difficulties keeping now that I lack the time to go through books in a matter of days.

Fact number 5:
I am a lost cause when it comes to decorating a place. Even though I read blog posts, pinterest boards or magazines by the dozen, there is no way I can translate this into my apartment.

Fact number 6:
I dislike spicy food, but have a big sweet tooth. If it wouldn’t be for health reasons, I´d live on candy for the rest of my days.

Fact number 7:
I used to have a serious diet coke addiction up to the point where I was drinking up to three liters per day and nothing else. But during my travels to Nepal and Tibet it wasn’t as readily available, so I had to go on a forced detox, headaches and all. Thankfully I managed to stick to water and tea since then.

There you go, seven things about me you probably didn’t want to know.

To share the love, I nominate:

Jinah from HeartandSeoul 
Agata from HerandMakeup

Have a wonderful Friday!

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