Too bloody blonde

I like to think that I am pretty clever.

I mean, I find my way around new situations quite easily, changed my field of profession without problems and even taught myself some new skills like basic coding and (even more basic) photography.


Reading recently
Reading recently


There are some days though when I feel as if this fridge magnet perfectly describes me:


So Bloody Blonde


Trying to find a solution for annoyances in daily life, building complicated ways around something while completely ignoring the obvious and easy way any sane person would take.

Case in point? Reading.


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Not reading per se. I know how to do that, no hacks needed. But getting things to read!

Buying a book a month, even if you wait for deals, gets pretty expensive over time. And even if it wasn´t for the money, what do I do with all the books after I finished reading? I don´t want to keep them all, but I could never trash a book either.

We have “open book shelves” in Heidelberg where I can take a few books at a time and maybe find something in return that I want to read, but if you have your mind set on a specific piece, they won´t get you very far.

eBooks will help with the clutter, but not with the money. And, if I am completely honest, as much as I love them for traveling (I have paid overweight for my suitcase due to books many times!), reading on my iPad just isn´t the same.

You see my problem?

And you probably already see the obvious and simple solution. But believe it or not, it took me TWO years to find it.

Join the local library!

I first became a member at the age of six, visiting every other week to trade “Hanni und Nanni” for “Nesthäkchen”, working my way through the kids section and then, later on, through the whole Fantasy and Sci-Fi library. Over 1000 books at my finger tips!

And somehow, despite moving back here two years ago, it didn´t occur to me to join again. Even though I literally work next door to the library. Too bloody blonde, I tell you!

To celebrate my light bulb moment I shared my top reading recommendations of 2018 with you in this weeks vlog. Maybe you want to share yours in the comments below? Now that I can get them for free with minimal effort?




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