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There isn’t much to show you in October, which – being completely honest here – is a relief. My skincare drawers are bursting at the seams and now that the colder months are approaching, I can’t be as reckless with testing as I am during summer, my skin gets irritated much quicker once the temperatures drop. Still I have an exciting new moisturizer from Alpha-H, two toners from Balea Beauty Expert that are admittedly a little niche as they aren’t available internationally and some makeup from Manhattan and L’Oréal.


New in skincare for October - Alpha-H and Balea Beauty Expert
New in skincare for October – Alpha-H and Balea Beauty Expert


And yes, I forgot to include the makeup in the picture above, mainly because I bought it at the beginning of the month and immediately started using it after I took pictures. Which was in hindsight not very clever, given that I take the New In picture at the end of the month, but what can I say: My mascara was dried out and I needed a new one, that couldn’t wait. Not even for the sake of blog pictures.


One pot of Alpha-H High Tide Water Cream standing in front of white flowers on a dark background
Alpha-H High Tide Water Cream


New in from Alpha-H

If the kind of moisturizer Alpha-H came out with now surprises you – it is light and hydrating, not rich and creamy, so not exactly what you expect for the colder months, you have to keep in mind that the brand is based in Australia, where they are headed into summer now.

When you remember this, the texture is perfectly on time. The Alpha-H High Tide Water Cream (50 ml for 51 €, full review coming soon) promises long lasting hydration without heaviness, which sounds right up my street. It is something I will probably wear in the mornings underneath my sunscreen in winter, but right now temperatures are still warm-ish (at least for this time of the year), so it might still work at night on non-Tretinoin nights.


A bottle of Balea Beauty Expert Glow Toner and Hydration Toner standing in front of white flowers on a dark background
Balea Beauty Expert Glow Toner and Hydration Toner


New in from Balea Beauty Experts

I know the Balea Beauty Experts line isn’t of interest for all of you, as  it is only available at DM, a German drugstore. I have found quite a few products I liked in their line up when they launched though, and they are super affordable, so I couldn’t help but pick up their two newest toner releases when I stumbled upon them.

The first one is their Balea Beauty Expert Glow Toner (100 ml for 3,95 €, full review coming soon) that claims to even out the skin with 2% Vitamin C (they actually use a derivative, not Ascorbic Acid; More info: Everything you need to know about Vitamin C in skincare).

The next one is the Balea Beauty Expert Hydration Toner (100 ml for 3,95 €, full review coming soon) that unlike you could expect from the name isn’t your average Hyaluronic Acid toner, but contains an interesting blend of Glycerin, Panthenol and Allantoin (More info: Everything you need to know about the benefits of Panthenol in skincare).  If it performs as good as it sounds, it would be an absolute steal for that price!


New makeup from Manhattan
New makeup from Manhattan and L’Oréal


New in makeup – Manhattan and L’Oréal

The mascara is actually a repurchase, it might already be my third tube of the L’Oréal Air Volume Mega Mascara in Black (9 ml for 11,95 €). I still don’t have a review  of it yet though, as I for the life of me can’t take decent pictures of my lashes. The fact that I repurchased it should tell you that I do like it, but it is one of the mascaras that get better as they age. Initially it is a little too wet and has a tendency to weigh my lashes down, which subsides after the first three weeks.

Despite usually reaching for Catrice makeup when I am at the drugstore, I picked up something from Manhattan this time, the Manhattan Soft Compact Powder in Transparent (9 g for 4,95 €). It is available in five different shades, but as I solely want it to set my foundation around the nose and prevent shine, I opted for transparent. So far it has worked well, but I will let you know how I get on with it in the long run.


New in skincare for October
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