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I am something like a skin device collector it seems, my newest addition being the CurrentBody Skin RF Radiofrequency Skin Tightening Device. This is my first proper Radiofrequency device, I already have a LED mask, microcurrent devices and the Medicube Age-R at home, but the latter combines different forms of waves, not radiofrequency exclusively. (More info: CurrentBody Skin LED Mask 8 week results, NuFace 8 week results, ZIIP vs NuFace – which one is better? and Medicube Age-R 8 week results)


CurrentBody Skin Radiofrequency device with a tube of gel standing in front of a dark background with white flowers
CurrentBody Skin Radiofrequency device with a tube of gel


As I don’t think the difference on the skin when using ultrasound, high frequency or radio frequency at home is noticeable though, I stopped using the Medicube and only used the CurrentBody RF device for a little over three months now, making sure to film a before and after when I reached the 8 weeks mark, at which according to the claims you should see “instant, dramatic and long-lasting results”.
Did that happen? Let’s find out!



What the CurrentBody Radiofrequency Device claims

Safest and most effective skin tightening radio frequency facial machine for home. The CurrentBody version specifically claims to be 33% more effective and deliver results in 50% less time compared to other RF devices on the market.


Currentbody Radiofrequency device adapters
The pack available comes with a set of different adapters for each country


Facts about the CurrentBody Radiofrequency Device

Prize and size

The device comes with a charging cable to plug into the socket and a removable cap to protect the conductors during storage (available for 355 € on the website here). In the package included are not only different adapters for the plug, but also a travel bag and one tube of Radio Frequency Gel (individually sold at 36 € on the website here).


Settings and details

The most important thing first – the device needs to be plugged in to work, you can’t charge it and then unplug it to use. As the cord is of average length and the treatment takes some time, that is a little inconvenient when you don’t have a socket next to your tv or computer and want to watch something while doing it.
So what you do is you apply gel to the area you want to treat – the handbook suggests different treatment areas and also if you should use circular or straight motions there. Each area is only treated for five minutes, but if you want to do your whole face and neck, that quickly adds up to more than an hour. (More info: Radiofrequency in skincare – Does it work?)

At the top of the device you have a LED light that shows you the settings – there are three different energy levels – and indicates if you have good contact to the skin or if your skin is overheating at the surface. It also turns orange for a short time after five minutes of using it, but I have to admit that the way the light is placed it was impossible for me to see it properly, meaning I would miss this short change of color, so I ended up setting a timer for my personal treatments. Here something different like a sound or vibration would have been much better.

The device will turn off when the skin surface gets too hot or when you don’t use it for a certain amount of time, but as long as it is plugged in, you can easily restart it.


Close up of the electrodes emitting the radiofrequency
Close up of the electrodes emitting the radiofrequency


What do the different energy levels mean and which one should I use?

There are three different settings you can choose from, and according to the brand they don’t differ in final intensity, but only in how quickly the skin is heated up – the higher the setting, the quicker the goal temperatur to stimulate collagen is reached.
I started at the lowest setting, which I would always recommend you do when you are new to a device, and while on my forehead I could easily go up to level 2, I find level 1 to be more than enough in terms of being slightly uncomfortable on the rest of my face, especially in the crows feet area and the nasolabial fold. That hasn’t changed after three months of using it.
I would suggest starting at the lowest level and then increasing depending on the area you want to treat and your individual tolerance – while you essentially get more time on the recommended temperature when the device heats up quicker, with the difference in reaching goal °C between Level 1 and Level 3 being only 12 seconds I doubt it will have much on an impact when doing five minutes of treatment per area.



How to use the CurrentBody Radiofrequency Device

Before you start, make sure to remove all metal piercings from the treatment area.
After you plug in the device, you apply a layer of conductive gel – they have one to go with it, but as always any conductive gel will do – pick your setting by pressing the button on top and start slowly gliding over the area you want to treat until 5 minutes are over.

If you don’t feel any heat, see if it is actually on, try to move slower or remove some of the gel you have applied or, in case you are on a low level, increase the intensity.

Once you are done, move to the next area you want to treat or, if you are finished, wipe off the gel and let your skin rest for a while. I don’t use anything cooling for the next fifteen minutes, simply because I want the temperature I just raised to return to normal as slowly as possible, and don’t use irritating skincare that night, so no exfoliating acids or retinoids, just simple, soothing products.

Apart from the inconvenience of having it plugged in it is actually easy to use.


Are there side effects when using the CurrentBody Radiofrequency Device

You can expect to experience redness and maybe minimal swelling after the treatment – I surely did, which is why I prefer it in the evenings – but that usually subsides over the next few hours.

There is a small risk of burns on the skin surface if the device gets too hot. The temperature control should prevent that, as the device would turn off before high skin surface temperatures are reached, but in theory that could happen.

Another theoretical concern is that you have heat sensitive skin conditions like rosacea or melasma, heating up the skin could trigger an episode or make the pigmentation worse, so if you aren’t sure, speak to your treating doctor.



My 8 week results using the CurrentBody Radiofrequency Device

As always, any results you will be able to see are minimal and probably won’t show up on camera, but after filming my 8 weeks clip I could see what is more noticeable in real life: My face looks plumper on the cheekbones and more defined in the cheek area and maybe even a little firmer around the jowls.

Is it “dramatic” as promised? No. But it is enough for me to warrant keeping it up despite, not going to lie, this one hour on the weekends is a struggle to fit in my routine. (More info: My one year update using skincare devices – Which one is my favorite?)

An effect on my wrinkles is not something I would claim I see – some days they look better, other days they look worse, I think how much I slept has a bigger effect here than this device


If this is you, don’t use the CurrentBody Skin RF device on your face. And: Call me!
Image by Planet_Babylon from Pixabay


Who should not use the CurrentBody Radiofrequency Device – Contraindications

The hard contraindications are as always people wearing a pacemaker or having non-removable implants or piercings in the treatment area, as well as people that suffer from a general condition that affects their skins integrity or their ability to feel temperature, think active acne, eczema, diabetes and such. In doubt, always consult with your doctor beforehand. Same goes for any medication you take.

The brand also states that you should not use the device if you had professional chemical peels, ablative laser treatment, plastic surgery or injectables within the last three months. In such cases it is always a good idea to discuss that with the person doing the treatments even after three months have passed, just to be safe.

It should also not be used over tattoos, but again I would recommend checking in with your tattoo artist for that: Some pigments used can react badly to an increase in temperature or can increase the temperature locally even more. Now I don’t assume many of you have facial tattoos, but maybe that is just because I am old, so I am putting it out there anyway.

A full list can be found on their website here.


24 weeks pregnant belly
During pregnancy you might need to make some changes to your routine.


Can I use the CurrentBody Radiofrequency Device when I am pregnant or breastfeeding

While using radiofrequency on the face is most likely not going to reach the fetus or affect the breast milk you produce, the device has at this moment not been tested on people pregnant or breast-feeding, so it is not recommended to use it if you fall under that category. (More info: Pregnancy safe skincare)



I have tried the Currentbody radiofrequency device for three months and filmed a before and after at 8 weeks of treatment when, according to the brand, you should see dramatic results.
Use in general is easy, you plug it in, apply gel to the area you want to treat and pick one of three intensity levels – I am still mostly using level 1, as the other two can get uncomfortably warm – and move the device over the area. If you want to treat your complete face and neck, you will need 70 minutes in total.
You need to have it plugged in, which limits your range of motion, and the light indicating it has ideal temperature and that 5 minutes have passed is impossible to see, here a sound or vibration would have been preferable.
My face looks more plump and defined around the cheekbones and jawline, but I personally did not notice an effect on my wrinkles. Definitely nice to have if you have the money to spare and will use it consistently, but like all at home devices not a necessity.


Currentbody Skin RF Radiofrequency Device Review
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