essence longlasting lipliner – What the heart wants

The heart wants, what it wants.

How often have you heard this saying? I have heard it a lot throughout the years, and increasingly more often to justify an obsession with luxury brands.

And while I agree that you sometimes really have to follow your heart…


essence longlasting lip liner
essence longlasting lip liner


Wait. This somehow sounds like a Valentines Day post. I swear, this is not intentional, I don’t even DO Valentines Day! I guess the abundance of pink hearts must have fogged my brain.

Back on track: There are occasions where following your heart is the only option. But I firmly believe in using my brain, especially when money is involved.

Which is why I get much more excited about drugstore discoveries these days. The latest one I have been meaning to share? essence longlasting lipliner, available in a multitude of colors.


What essence claims:

The perfect pencil for lips with definition! The essence longlasting lipliner allows you to accurately trace the contours of your lips. The super soft texture ensures a simple application and provides intensive, long-lasting colour that won’t streak. With nude shades as well as many other colours, the choice of colour is huge. The retractable mine turns this lipliner into a practical beauty tool, even when you’re on the go.


essence longlasting lip liner
essence longlasting lip liner



Prize and size

One liner costs 1,49 € (online here), contains 0,23 g of product and comes in nine different colors. It is retractable and doesn’t require sharpening.


Texture and smell

Soft on the lips, but with precise application thanks to the retractable, self-sharpening mine. I can’t detect a scent.


Application and effects

Once applied, either just around my lips or all over the pout, this liner stays put. Of course a full meal will make it vanish, but snacking, drinking and the test of time, all are passed without problems. Unlike other lipliners I have tried they are not drying on my lips.

Out of the nine available colors I own three two (the third one is an invisible liner that can´t really count as color, can it?) 05 lovely frappuccino (a brownish nude) and 08 Girl Next Door (a barely noticeable nude that increases longevity and prevents bleeding).


essence longlasting lip liner
essence longlasting lip liner – Swatches


Does it live up to its claims?


It is soft, long-lasting and travel friendly.


Would I repurchase?


I mean, I already own three of the range, that is about half my lipliner stash.


essence longlasting lip liner
essence longlasting lip liner compared to Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk


Who do I recommend it to?

Anyone. Or at least anyone that lets the heart be quieted by the brain from time to time. Because I agree, owning Charlotte Tilbury lip liner in “Pillow Talk” feels much more luxurious. But as that one is 22 € here, yet performs pretty similar to essence 08 Girl Next Door, my heart will have no say in the next purchase.


essence longlasting lipliner
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