We get the glow – Looking back at week three

I just realized I managed to write three blogpost about Diet Coke.

Three! In a row!

I guess this is an all time low, both for my nutrition and my writing.

So no more rambling about fizzy drinks, on to my next rant: Going gluten free.


We get the glow week three


As we enter week four of the challenge, it is time to focus on the gut. Beat the bloat is the title of the corresponding chapter, and while I wholeheartedly agree with the importance of healthy gut bacteria (great topic, I know), I am not a fan of cutting gluten out of your diet.


See, if you are a coeliacic, going gluten-free is really, really important. But if you aren´t (and only a few people are), most likely a few small changes in your diet will do the trick. Like switching to fresh bread instead of the pre-cut one full of preservatives. Like switching to whole grain bread. And, if all that still doesn´t cut it, switching to spelt bread.

You see, as time went by, our grain was altered. Not genetically, but by cultivation, and these days the “new” kinds of corn contains way more gluten than the old ones. So if you have a very sensitive gut and add preservatives to the mix, it may be enough to cause discomfort. So cutting back on processed brad, maybe switching to spelt or rye will most likely be beneficial for you.

But for the majority of people, gluten is not a problem.

So why does everyone and their grandmother buy gluten-free these days? The answer is simple: Clever marketing and misinformation.

All over social media you can read that gluten is the devil and many a blogger sings the praise of gluten-free cupcakes even when there is not a sign of gluten intolerance around. And so it gets etched into our mind: Gluten-free is always better.

But it isn´t. For someone like me, no intolerance around, going gluten-free is only one thing: Expensive.

Because free-of means usually you have to spend some extra pennies on the stuff.


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Rant aside: We are in week four of our six week challenge now and I can´t wait to report the end results! If you care to do the challenge yourself, here is the book for you to read it up.

Oh, and please excuse the sound issues in my “vlogged” bits, my new phone case covers the microphone…


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