Low Buy 2019 – The first month

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So, that low buy thing… How has it been going so far?

Well, thank you for asking! Pretty good, actually.

I admit I feel a little envious about all of you that finished a No Buy January and now are back in the game, credit card in hand, but if I am completely honest, I don´t  really need anything. (Read about my Low Buy 2019 rules here)


Low Buy 2019
This picture has nothing to do with the blog post. I just like it.


Which is actually not entirely true: I DO need a new concealer. I only have one left, the Sephora High Coverage Concealer Natural Finish in Porcelain Rosé, and the reason I still have it is because it doesn´t really work for me. It is NOT high coverage, despite the name, and only lasts three to four hours when used to conceal spots.


I was determined to buy two new ones, but they were out of my shade when I had the chance to stop by my local store and I couldn´t bring myself to order online without being color matched beforehand.

So I can proudly say:

Total amount of money spend in January? 0 €


pixi Rose Collection
pixi Rose Collection


Which doesn´t mean I didn´t get a few new bits. I was lucky to receive two PR packages by pixi, including products I had either just finished (pixi Rose Glow Mist*, Review, and pixi Rose Cream Cleanser*, Review) or had been meaning to try, like the pixi Rose Toner*, the pixi Rose Ceramide Cream* and the pixi Rose Oil Blend*.

I figured it would make sense to add these products to the “money spent” part, as I would have (re) purchased them sometime anyway. Not counted are the things included in the packages that I won´t use myself, but give away to friends and family because I either tried them and wasn´t too impressed or liked them, but didn´t find a place for them in my routine (like the pixi Retinol Tonic*, Review or the pixi Rose Caviar Essence*, Review).

Which means:

Total money saved because of PR in January? 119,45 €


Ups. That is a lot of money!

Now I don´t get PR packages like that very often, but it still is money I didn´t have in mind when I declared: I don´t spend much on beauty stuff.


Low Buy 2019
Say hello to my new friends!


The second goal of the low buy was reducing and decluttering my stash, which I started with slimming down my nail polish collection – I only kept 13 bottles! A few others were beyond salvation, but quite a few went to the “friends and family” pile to find new, loving owners.

No need wasting any product just because I need to accept that I will not paint my nails bright blue anytime soon.

I took them with me to a makeup swap with friends, with great success. In both directions, I might add: Not only did I manage to give away my unloved makeup, no, I actually went home with a few new bits myself.

Did that help in reducing my stash? Not a bit!

But did it make me happy? Absolutely.

How has your low buy been going?


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