Beauty Empties July 2019

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Is it possible that an Empties post makes you sentimental? Well, in my case it is. But I admit that ever since I had the kids I cry a lot more than I used to.

Not that I cried when writing this post, but I did get heavy hearted. It made me think about Sal from UmmBaby Beauty, the queen of using up stuff. Honestly, not a month went by without her presenting a basket filled to the brim with empty skin care and makeup, and whenever I sit down to write about the skin care products I finished recently, I think of her and mourn the fact that she stopped blogging a while ago.


Woman looking at empty beauty products
Products I finished since April


Just like many others I have met along the way, blogs and bloggers that were dear to my heart, yet somehow either disappeared completely or transitioned to InstaBlogging only.

The fact that I am friends with her on Goodreads where she already way outdid me in term of books read in 2019 shows me that blogging apparently does take up a ton of time (surprise!) that could be well spent otherwise, but for the time to come I will stick to this time consuming hobby of mine.

And to pull me out of my melancholic mood, let me talk you through the skin care products I have finished recently. And makeup products, but I put the skin care ones at the beginning of the video, as I know most of you are here for just that.



Qlabo Eauphoria
Qlabo Eauphoria


Skin care products I finished recently

And because it is July, we´ll start with sunscreen. Fotoprotect ISDIN Fusion Water SPF 50 is one you have seen several times already. It is my favorite sunscreen despite the use of slightly outdated filters because it feels like absolutely nothing on my skin and never breaks me out. Already repurchased.

A more hydrating version that I enjoyed a lot throughout winter is the klairs Soft Airy UV Essence SPF 50+ PA++++. Nice filters, very lightweight (full review here), yet a tad too hydrating for my taste. The added citrus essential oil (at the very end of the ingredient list, I might add) did put a few people off when I shared it on Instagram, but I wasn´t bothered. Still, nothing I will repurchase.

Another thing I will not repurchase, solely because the company has gone out of business, is QLabo Eauphoria. Other than the clever play on words in the name I loved the lightweight and absolutely non-sticky hydration this serum provided. Find my full review here

Quite the opposite in texture and feeling on the skin is the Oskia Perfect Cleanser, a really nourishing balm cleanser that saw me through the coldest days in winter, but is too rich for me in general. Not that it did break me out, but I feel all the nourishment is wasted on my combination skin. Given the fact that it is more on the pricey side I won´t repurchase, but highly recommend it for dry skins. You can read my full review here

Another cleanser is the MV Skincare Pure Jojoba Oil, marketed as eye makeup remover, but both suitable as cleansing oil and leave on face oil. It is what it says on the tin, Pure Jojoba Oil, and that is probably why I won´t repurchase. It is absolutely lovely, but way too pricey to take my makeup off. I wrote a full review here


Lastly, only borderline skin care, is the NuFace Priming Gel. It came with the NuFace I was kindly given for my birthday (read here) and is done now. I used the NuFace from February to April, the recommended five times a week, and only stopped because I had a huge eczema flare up that made me treat my skin extra gentle for a few weeks. I haven´t started again yet, but already purchased a different gel for when I do as this one is incredibly pricey for what it is.

Oh, the NuFace was not the cause of my eczema. I just wanted to stop everything that could in any way stress out my skin.


L´Oreal Indefectible 24H-Matt
L´Oreal Indefectible 24H-Matt


Makeup products I finished recently

Quite unusual for me I did manage to use up some makeup products, it usually takes me forever to go through them. The one that I am going to repurchase for sure is the L´Oréal Infallible 24 hr Matt Makeup, the closest I ever found at the drugstore to Estée Lauder Double Wear. I did a full review and wear test here, but take my word for it: It is great.

The Sephora High Coverage Concealer Natural Finish on the other hand isn´t. It is neither high coverage nor natural in finish, instead it breaks down within two hours and settles into pores and fine lines. I can´t say which skin it might work for, but definitely not mine. Another disappointment was the MILK Makeup Ubame Mascara (full review with pictures here), that looked great on my lashes when applied, but lost all effect within the first few hours of wearing it. The only solution was to pair it with my next used up beauty product, the pixi Black Lacquer Lash Primer (review here) that has the ability to add volume and separation to any mascara worn on top, but also has a noticeable, yet natural effect when worn on its own.

A makeup product you have seen here numerous times already is the L´Oréal Ultra Precision Super Liner, (review for the first time in 2015!) that has been and will be repurchased. It is so easy to do a winged line with it, even my daughter could do it. Not that I let her try, she is too young to wear any makeup and if I have my way won´t start until she is 13. Which yes, I know, will probably not be in my control.


Hair products I finished recently

And another category that rarely gets features in my Beauty Empties: hair products. I don´t know why, I probabl use too little shampoo and rely too heavily on dry shampoo in between washes, but I never seem to be able to finish shampoo or conditioner. And of course both that I am going to show you today are travel sizes that have been in my possession for 1.5 years now, but I guess any progress is good progress.

The shampoo I finished is the OGX Coconut Water Shampoo, supposedly hydrating and lightweight. I did enjoy the way my hair felt after using it, the scent reminded me of beach vacations, I can totally see myself repurchasing it eventually. The HASK Argan Repairing Conditioner really impressed me, it left my hair easy to comb through, but not weighed down and managed to control frizz, so the big bottle will be purchased once I finish the other two still waiting in my shower. Maybe that is the true reason why I never finish my shampoos, I have too many open at the same time?


How about your recent Beauty Empties?


Beauty Empties July 2019
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