Fall Favorites 2017 – Being unique

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Are we ever as unique as we like to think? Most of us, especially those that have any kind of creative outlet online, like to think that their content is fresh and special and easily distinguable from others.

We put “our own twist” on things, have a theme in our pictures and invent fancy names for even fancier blog post series.

And then, one day, we take a step back and realize we are doing what everyone around us does as well. Slightly different, maybe, but not as extraordinary as we would have liked to believe.


Fall Favorites 2017
Fall Favorites 2017


Last time that happened to me was with my Favorite posts. You may remember I started to get bored (struggled to find enough new things) to keep up a monthly series.

I decided to turn it into a “New In and short reviews” kind of video.

Which didn´t satisfy me either.

Finally, what a revelation, I decided to only do them occasionally.

Turns out, quite a few of my favorite blogs went there already, posting whenever they felt like doing it. I am so yesterday…

But you know what? I don´t care. Sometimes you don´t have to be unique, you can take inspiration to find whatever works best for you and happily stick with it, knowing that quite a few people seem to feel the same way.


With all this rambling, here is the promised video. Everything I have been loving for the last weeks. Please do watch on You Tube and in HD to make sure you get the small details that set me apart from others…


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Has something similar ever happened to you?




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