Igniting the spark again – The Body Shop Body Butters in “Smokey Poppy” and “Fuji Green Tea”

Do you remember the time when you had just fallen in love?
When it filled your every waking moment,  even your dreams and when thinking about something else just didn’t seem possible?
You longed to get home, to be close, to feel, to smell…

And if you compare that to these days, after every day life crept in, when work and the toddler and maybe even a beauty blog keep you distracted and you don’t indulge in your love anymore?
You somehow take it as granted, as something that is always there, comforting but no longer overly exciting?

The Body Shop Body Butters in “Shea Butter”, “Fuji Green Tea” and “Smokey Poppy”

There is a way out of it. Try a different scent!

Wait, what?
No, I was talking about Body Butter all along.
Funny you thought of something else.

1. My long-time love:
I have been using TBS “Shea Butter” for as long as I can remember. The warm, nutty scent isn’t to overpowering, it is nourishing on my dry legs, but sinks in quick enough for everyday use.
We have been together for many years, it never disappointed me, is everything I could ever ask for and using it makes me feel comfortable and at home.
But despite all that I felt the need to stray…

The Body Shop “Shea Butter” Body Butter

2. My summertime fling:
I love green tea, I drink it daily, even during the heat wave, and I drink a lot of it. So when I saw this mint colored pot with it´s fresh leaves on top winking at me from across the room, I just had to pick it up and smell, even if I KNEW what was going to happen next: A little chat, a three-for two-offer and I took it home with me.
We had a pretty intense time during the heat of summer, the smell being fresh instead of sweet, lingering throughout the day without being to heavy and the texture, while being a little harder to work with compared to my “Shea Butter” still easy to sink in and moisturizing.
But now that my pot is reaching it´s end, I know we may have had a moment, but there is no future. I cant say for sure I am not going back next summer when the air is hot and life a little more carefree, but it isn’t for every day.

The Body Shop “Fuji Green Tea” Body Butter

3. The one that you shouldn’t have chosen
I blame it on the fact that I had already slipped and that three-for-two-deal was going on, because I picked up “Smokey Poppy” without giving it much thought. Red and black looked dangerous, the smell was intense and unlike anything I usually use, so I guess it was my equivalent to the guy you know is only trouble, but you have had one too many drinks to care.
And it went the same road. The scent is intense, smokey and deep, and I like to smell it in the pot, but when on my skin it just feels alien to me. I feel a little uncomfortable, not like myself, so I have stopped reaching for it despite its lovely, easy to distribute and moisturizing formula.
I guess it is time to let go for good and find it a new home. Some things just aren’t meant to be.

The Body Shop “Smokey Poppy” Body Butter

So my final verdict?
Sometimes you need to stray in order to realize you should have sticked to what you originally loved. I for one am firmly back in love with my “Shea Butter” Body Butter and don’t feel the need to reach for something else. Even though I have heard that there is a “Virgin Mojito” in town.

The complete range of Body Butters is available in stores and online, retailing for 17 € here.
Just in case you are in the mood for something new…

What is your favorite scent?
And are you a faithful person, beauty-wise spoken of course?

Disclaimer: I am happily married without feeling the need to stray. Just in case Mr. Loca would bother to actually read my blog…

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