Monthly Recap August 2019

How can yet another month have passed by already? I know it is common to complain about how time flies when looking back at the month behind you, but August really went in the blink of an eye.

Which may have to do with the fact that upon writing this there is still a lot of August left, but I am leaving for France tomorrow (yes, another holiday) and I want to have the blog post ready to go live without having to worry about it.


Wan Tan on a plate
The picture is completely unrelated to what I am writing about, but I had these delicious Wan Tan when on date night with my husband.


And that actually is what the whole last month has been about: Time management and scheduling! As I told you in last months Monthly Recap (read here), I started a new position at work, decided to rebrand my You Tube Channel and everything else and to increase my upload frequency.

I did not tell you though (because it completely slipped my mind) that during the last three weeks daycare was closed for the summer, with my parents who usually step in then not available. That made my work life very interesting, to say the least, and included quite a few early mornings and late nights to get everything sorted.

So yes, I am ready for some sand, sun and my bodyweight in croissants and french cheese!

There will be no break on the blog throughout this time, so make sure you are all caught up on what I wrote about in August – to help you with that I will list everything underneath.


pixi Vitamin C Tonic Review
pixi Vitamin C Tonic


Skincare Reviews

Last month I talked about the pixi Vitamin C Tonic here, which I absolutely adore and which will travel with me to France and the pixi Vitamin C Caviar Balm here. I really enjoy the latter too, but I don´t think it is made for my skin type.

Definitely suited better at my skin type is the Murad AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser reviewed here, although I would not recommend using it as a cleanser, not even for more combination oily skin.


How to chose a facial cleanser based on your skin type
Too many options?


Skincare Basics

With the rebranding came a slight change in focus in my topics, and one new thing I wanted to go for is explaining the basics that make up a good skincare routine. This is of course absolutely not necessary for my fellow skincare enthusiasts, but I had a lot of requests for that from my friends, so I figured there might be a need outside the skincare community bubble.

The first video on that topic was Skin Types – How do I find mine and why does it matter?, hopefully helping you to figure out what type of skin you have and what that means for your routine. The next one was about the different kind of cleansers available and which one of them is probably best suited for you, How to choose the best cleanser for your skin type.


The change in EU cosmetics product regulation
The change in EU cosmetics product regulation – is it a good thing?


Skincare Science

Of course I will keep talking about more niche parts of skincare as well, and this month I picked the new EU Cosmetics Regulations and their ban of some „free from…“ claims for cosmetic use to discuss: EU cosmetics regulation bans free from claims – What does that mean for you?

Other topics you can expect in this category are more Ingredient Spotlights like the one on Bakuchiol that I did a while ago, so stay tuned for that.


Beauty Low Buy Update July



Yes, I do continue my Low Buy 2019, even though last month was a huge fail in terms of what I personally bought, Beauty Low Buy 2019 – July Update. The next Low Buy Update will come your way on Thursday, and I promise I behaved better – although there is still some PR to show you.

And to keep you updated: The pixi Hydrating Line and the Instytutum products ranked very high in Review Requests, so I will make sure to have those ones up soon.

Until then I will leave my Review of The INKEY List Caffeine Eye Serum underneath that went live today due to popular demand.



How did August treat you?

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